Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner

Conrey Scholarship Fuels Cal State Fullerton Student’s Entrepreneurial Dreams

“My mom always told me when I was younger that I’d be a fantastic salesman. And I think I always kind of ran with that,” explains Tristan Starkweather, winner of the 2018 Conrey Insurance Broker’s Entrepreneurial Scholarship. Majoring in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship, the 20-year-old senior at California State University, Fullerton developed a clear vision for his future early in life. His dedication to achieving his dreams made him the top contender among a field of more than a dozen CSU Fullerton students—all of whom personified the Conrey philosophy of helping shape the future by proactively preparing for it.

Recognizing academic and personal achievement.
Through the university’s Scholarship & Award Application process, Tristan supplied the academic and personal information required to qualify for Conrey’s criteria. This included a personal statement providing insights into his achievements, family background, career and educational plans, and the impact a scholarship would have. A personal interview completed the process. About two months after his initial application, Tristan received a call from Professor John Bradley Jackson, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the university. He’d been awarded the Conrey scholarship for 2018. As the 14th recipient of the annual Conrey scholarship, Tristan received $3,500 toward completing his education.

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship.
“I love technology. I love the tech space. I love everything that has to do with that,” Tristan says. Starting in his freshman year of high school, he began selling video games he no longer wanted on eBay. He slowly transitioned to Amazon, building a storefront that eventually received weekly shipments of games from wholesalers, which he repackaged and sold. Tristan credits this experience with helping him realize “This was something that I could actually do—that I could be my own boss, and that I could actually run my own company if I had the idea and the passion.” Tristan also credits his parents, who “put in my mind that I could do anything if I really believed in it.”

How can Conrey help with your future?
We created the Conrey Insurance Broker’s Entrepreneurial Scholarship to help make a difference in the futures of business-minded students. Our team is equally committed to helping our clients prepare for their own futures, whether that involves protecting your family or business, wealth management or other financial services. Contact us at 1-877-450-1872 or online, and experience the Conrey Difference for yourself.

Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, and many families make the mistake of spoiling Mom a lot on her special day, but when it comes to Dad, he doesn’t quite receive the same attention. Maybe it is because flowers, cards and candy are so much more appropriate for mothers, and dads just don’t have such easy solutions. Socks, slippers and golf tees just don’t seem to send the same message of appreciation of all that Dad has done for the family.

That’s why we at Conrey Insurance Brokers suggest a different approach. Make a plan to spend time with your father. After all, you never know how much time you will have with him, in the overall scheme of things. He might be the kind of dad that has already established several hobbies or interests that you can decide to “share” with him.

If he is into classic cars check out these events nearby:

Maybe your dad loves to eat – who doesn’t?

Some fathers work so hard during the week that the last thing they want to do on their special day is to get dressed and go out. They might just want to kick back in their favorite chair and read a good book, or watch sports on TV. Whatever it is, spend the time to find out his desires and share some quality time with your dad.

Why Wedding Insurance Should Be On Your Checklist For The Big Event

Whether it’s an outdoor celebration under sunny June skies, or a fall, winter or spring ceremony in a venue you’ve scouted and reserved far in advance, a successful wedding can take plenty of planning. But with checklist in hand, and vendors carefully selected, what could possibly go wrong when the special day arrives?

Consider the possibilities—and insure for them.
We’re not talking about the minor snags and mishaps that crop up at virtually every wedding, producing nothing more serious than an amusing tale to tell your future grandkids. We’re talking about complications that can spoil memories, wreck budgets and even derail the entire event. A wedding insurance policy tailored to your plans can save the day in any number of situations.

A recent study by a major insurer revealed the costliest wedding claims of the past five years:

Vendors drop the ball – Did your videographer fail to show up, or an erased memory card wipe out the day’s imagery? Insurance could pay for a reshoot later on. Or if your wedding venue went out of business before the event, insurance can recoup whatever you’ve already paid, so you can still book another.
Illness intervenes – The second most common claim is due to illness of the bride, groom or a parent. Wedding insurance can help cover your rescheduling expenses.
Weather won’t cooperate – From clouds that rain out your garden ceremony, to a blizzard, twister or hurricane that wreaks havoc, insurance can help offer a sunny resolution to your change of plans.
Military duty calls – When an unforeseen military deployment summons one or both wedding-party members, insurance can pay for the deposits lost due to postponing or cancelling the event.
Other costly catastrophes – Did you get a bill for accidentally breaking something at the wedding venue, or for ravages caused by members on your guest list who couldn’t handle their champagne? Property damage can be included in your wedding insurance. So can the cost of replacing a damaged or lost wedding gown, or rented tuxedo pieces.

Plan ahead, and match your insurance to your wedding.
Although most insurance companies limit how far in advance you can insure the event, it makes sense to arrange coverage as soon as possible. For example if you’ve placed a deposit on your reception venue 12 months ahead of time, that deposit could be at risk if the business fails or burns down before you’ve obtained a wedding policy. As you’re contracting with facilities, caterers and other vendors, verify whether they have their own insurance, and get copies. This can save paying for double coverage when you get your own policy.

You want to properly protect the Big Day – now what?
With your plans and a list of key vendors in hand, contact the Conrey Team to discuss a policy that’s as uniquely tailored to you as the wedding scenario you’ve dreamed of. Call us at 1-877-450-1872, or visit our website.

Happy Anniversary to Our Staff

“I’d like to acknowledge these four women, whose contributions to our success is difficult to measure.”

-Jerry Conrey, Agency Principal


Here at Conrey Insurance Brokers, we are so fortunate to have some phenomenally talented and dedicated individuals on staff. The women in this photo are four of them. They take our mission statement to provide our clients with expert strategies seriously and exemplify our core values such as professionalism, commitment, integrity, and responsibility.


From left to right, Christine Campbell is celebrating 25 years of service – specializing in non-profit clientele. Courtney Rader has only been with us for one year, yet her outgoing personality and dedication to staying physically fit is inspiring to all of our clients. Linda Worthington is celebrating two years of being that lovely voice that greets you when you call on the phone. She is our ambassador. Linda Farrow has been with Conrey Insurance Brokers for five years. She is the one behind the scenes who is like a duck – calm and serene on the surface and paddling like crazy under the water… which is appropriate because she loves to swim!


Next time you see or speak to one of these incredible women… remember that you are talking to someone special! Congratulations, Ladies!

South County Outreach

Help us support South County Outreach

South County Outreach

Imagine being a parent placing an empty bowl in front of your hungry child and not having anything to fill the bowl or the tummy of your loved one.

On Tuesday, April 17th, from 6:00-9:00 P.M. at El Niguel Country Club, Conrey Insurance Brokers encourages you to support EMPTY BOWLS and South County Outreach in its efforts to end hunger in Orange County. 14 local chefs will be serving delicious soups to all attendees in ceramic bowls which are hand-crafted by local artists and students. These bowls go home with donors to serve as reminders of those whose bowls are truly empty.

This international event helps provide food, housing and other much-needed resources for unemployed, under-employed seniors, veterans, disabled and children in South Orange County. A mere 90¢ results in provisions that are especially needed in the summer when school programs which typically provide free breakfast and lunch are not available.

Join Jerry Conrey and his staff in supporting this worthwhile effort to end hunger and homelessness right here in our own community. You can get involved for as little as $110 for an individual ticket, or sponsor a VIP table for $10,000.


We’re Ready To Share Our View With You.

Whether you call it a “new look”, a “face lift” or a “fresh perspective”, Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers has finally made the Herculean effort to redo our entire website so that we can demonstrate the #Conrey Difference. Many months of thought, copy writing, photo selection and heart have gone into creating a website that communicates what makes our company different.


WE GET IT. We know that when you were young, you were filled with dreams and aspirations that led to your success. We know that your possessions are not just “stuff”… they are representative of all of your hard work and sweat equity. That is why the pages of our new website are covered with little people playing, pretending, practicing to determine their future roles and responsibilities. It all started with a dream.


WHY DO WE GET IT? Because we started from the ground up… just like you. That’s why we are familiar with the pitfalls and we understand the pride. We are not just going to quote you the cheapest price for the insurance product that brought you to us in the first place. We are going to make sure that you are cared for and properly covered at a competitive price.


They say it is all about the journey, and that is true – in part – so that is why you should journey through our new website. If you are an existing client, you will understand immediately why we needed to make the change. If you are new to us, it will become clear, quite quickly, who we are and what we stand for.

You can even take a tour of the site with Jerry, himself [link to pop-up]. He’ll show you around. Check out the videos, listen to the testimonials.


No matter how you look at it, the Conrey difference is quite compelling…

Team Members Exemplify Extra Effort

There are many reasons for the success of any business. Hard work, attention to detail, honesty and integrity are just a few of the assets that come together to create an environment of productivity and positivity. At Conrey Insurance Brokers, the management not only encourages these particular aspects within their employees, but they recognize those individuals who display them on a regular basis.

Christine Campbell, the producer who specializes in writing coverage for non-profit entities was named as Player of the Month for January, 2018. She is very dedicated to making certain that these businesses are adequately covered at competitive rates so that none of the funds that have been donated to a worthy cause are being diverted away from their primary purpose of helping those in need.

When asked about having been honored with this recognition, Christine said, “I was pleased to be recognized since the all of the staff here do such a wonderful job. Everyone really deserves an award.”

Alex Muolo was recognized as the Player of the Year for 2017. This is a tremendous honor. Alex is the only person in the agency who handles both personal and commercial insurance – which means that he has to be extremely knowledgeable about many types of coverage. Jerry Conrey, Agency Principal, has even received written communication from clients who have worked with Alex, stating how professionally he handles transactions and insurance placements.  In his own words, Alex is grateful for the opportunities he is given at Conrey Insurance Brokers. “I am very excited to be named Player of the Year. I am at an organization that is helping me grow in my knowledge of insurance and providing me with mentors to help guide my growth.”

David Aloyan has been named as the Manager of the Year for 2017. Having been with Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers for a while now, he manages the Personal Lines Department and interacts with many of the Private Clients (High Wealth Individuals) who work with Conrey Insurance Brokers. David is well versed in financial matters…  He is also a part-time Finance Professor at some of the local private colleges in the area. When asked about receiving the award, David stated, “I am very appreciative of the award, as it serves as validation of the results I have produced for the brokerage over the past 4 years.”

There is a bell in the Conrey Insurance Brokers office that is rung when something very positive happens in the agency. Christine, Alex and David are quite often the reason for that bell to sound! This company is always looking for ways to excel and help its clients and employees succeed. Kudos to these three for great work and dedication to jobs done well!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary – Debra Barnes!

“I can’t even believe that I have been with Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Management for five years already! The time has absolutely flown by. And when you add the fact that I have been in the insurance industry for over 45 years, it is all completely incredible to me.

I started out wanting to be a veterinarian or a nurse. I actually began my professional life as a medical assistant. However, when I realized the constrictions and limitations I would be facing in that career path, I took my desire to help people and focused it in the area of guiding business owners to protect themselves and their entities properly.” -Debra Barnes – Commercial Lines Account Manager

“Debra brings tremendous energy and insight from her years of experience to each of her clients. She is able to advise them as to how to properly protect their businesses and keep their potential losses to a minimum. We are all very grateful that she is on our team!” – Jerry Conrey, Agency Principal

“The icing on the cake is the wonderful staff at Conrey Insurance Brokers. We all get along like one big family. I know it sounds silly, but we truly are very fortunate that we support each other and help each other so well. It makes it a pleasure to go to work.” – Debra Barnes

“People Love Us on Yelp” 2017 Award Recipient

Talk about a childhood dream come true! Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Management is thrilled to announce that they have received the 2017 “People Love Us on Yelp” Award!

Although we have received many awards throughout the years, this one is extra special, because it is a direct reflection as to how you, our customers, feel about our service. This award is given to those businesses which have received numerous reviews that have a high satisfaction ranking among YELP users.

We pride ourselves on offering nearly every insurance and investment product available through our access to the many partner insurance carriers and financial service firms with which we work. We combine this access with our extensive expertise in many areas to provide proper protection.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers we understand what it took to have gathered, grown, or built what you have over the years. We too started from the ground up- just like you. We are familiar with the pitfalls and can relate to the pride of accomplishment. This is also why we know the importance of getting your insurance protection right. Others may focus on price. Although important, it’s not the ultimate goal… proper protection is… and that is our focus.

We have become an organization that not only meets the needs of our clients, our team, and our partner carriers, but does so in a way that overwhelmingly exceeds the boundaries of expectation – making it a place where each person and every interaction matters.