Financial Services

Financial Services

Whether you started with a “germ of an idea” and grew it to something more substantial, or you took over something a family member passed into your capable hands for stewardship, you have a responsibility to consider the future and what it would look like with rosy growth or what the effect would be without contingency planning. Successful retirement is nothing that can be taken for granted. Retirement planning requires the development of strategy and proper execution of that plan with regular periodic evaluations.

There are many things to consider on a personal and a business level too. You need to plan for the future. Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers has a division of specialists who are well-versed in financial planning. These experts work with your attorney and CPA, or we can introduce you to an expert we know well, to assist with both individual and corporate planning, investment strategies, and retirement planning.

Our CFP ® Team Members Exemplify the Conrey Difference

Meet two of our newest Conrey Financial Services team members: Mike Lambrakis CFP ®, and Michael Hu CFP ®.

Often considered the gold standard for financial planners, the CFP ® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) designation embodies the high standards, objectivity and commitment to clients that set Conrey apart in all the services we provide.

The CFP ® designation requires extensive academic training, thousands of hours of experience, and a rigorous exam that’s administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Those who hold the certification also must follow a code of ethics and rules of conduct based on the fiduciary standard. Precisely the qualities that help define the Conrey Difference.

Mike and Michael are available to assist Conrey clients with expert advice in all areas of financial planning and wealth management. Dedicated to helping clients achieve their fullest potential through thoughtful financial planning and investment management, they believe a solid foundation of tax, estate, and philanthropic planning is the key to financial success.


Mike Lambrakis’s background includes serving as a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod, and as a Portfolio Strategist and Wealth Advisor at Beacon Pointe Advisors, where in 2015 his colleagues voted him the firm’s MVP. Prior to that he was a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors. A native Southern Californian, ukulele player and aspiring backyard farmer, Mike studied History and Anthropology at UCLA.


Michael Hu’s background includes serving as an Advisor at AdvicePeriod, as well as at a private wealth management firm where he was responsible for developing, implementing and ongoing monitoring of complex financial plans. Another native Southern Californian, Michael studied Economics and English at UCLA, and later completed his graduate work at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Industrial & Technical Studies.

For Your Family

Very simply stated, the discipline of financial services, in its crux, is the core concept of making sure people retire successfully, that they live long without outliving their money. When it comes to personal finances, our focus centers on retirement planning. Recognizing the uncertainty of Social Security, retirement planning is more critical than ever – especially when people are living longer than ever.

Whether you are single or married, no matter where you are in life’s journey, young or old, active or retired, planning and review are a key component to successful retirement. Through vehicles such as wealth management planning, life insurance, disability, long-term care insurance, annuities, financial planning, coordinating of trusts and asset protection, the strategists at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers will help you develop an investment and or insurance portfolio that will protect your assets and ensure your future.

The Conrey Difference? Thoroughness!

Chad Hegreberg speaks about how he found Conrey Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers. As founder of Spicer Mechanical, a heating and air conditioning service business in Orange, he wasn’t really looking for a new source for commercial insurance. Once he met Jerry he realized there was a huge difference between Conrey Insurance Brokers and the others. Watch what he has to say.

For Your Business

Risk management for business must verify that management has considered exposures – both traditional and those less obvious. Business continuation planning is an area management often fails to consider fully. We assist both ownership and management in the development of strategies to minimize the impact operations face when calamity strikes – especially when it affects key members of ownership or management.

Contingency planning is a part of any proper and solid business plan. A strategic Business Continuation Plan can make all the difference in the future of any business – big or small, including contingencies, disabilities and succession plans.

The experts in our Financial Services division can assist you with business continuation planning and review, business valuation and defining the methodology for future valuations. We can even assist with Buy-Sell Agreements, making sure that all parties are considered objectively, and that the needs of the key persons involved are adequately addressed.

We welcome the opportunity to show you best practices in the discipline of insurance and financial services.