Manage My Risk

Risk Management

Risk Management is the analysis of vulnerabilities and how to reduce, minimize, evaluate and transfer it. For example… If you inherit a $5K diamond ring from your mother that is too small and you never wear, does it make more sense to rent a safe deposit box at the bank for $30/year or take out a policy for $200-$300/year to protect it?

For Your Business

Your business took a long time to build, and it is most likely complicated to protect. At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we do an analysis of your entire enterprise to determine the best way to protect both ownership and management in the event of a loss. Many brokers make quick assessments and recommendations; however, the producers at Conrey Insurance Brokers do an in depth evaluation to decide the best approach to establish comprehensive coverage for your business.

FAST FACT: Risk Management

In the event of a lawsuit, E&O Insurance will cover defense costs, judgments, damages and settlements. Some well-known types of E&O insurance are Malpractice and Professional Liability insurance.


At Conrey Insurance Brokers, Risk Management is a process and a way of thinking. It is the science behind the solutions we recommend. Unlike other agents who tend to make assumptions, we cut no corners. We take the time to know you so that we can craft the best insurance solutions to properly protect you and your property. We realize what it took to get where you are, and we pledge to provide you the solutions that will assure your peace of mind.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we truly care about you and what it took to get you where you are today. We want to ensure that your business is properly protected. You should have a Business Continuity Plan in place which is a detailed plan of action to be implemented before, during, and after a disruptive event to ensure that your business retains financial viability. Call Conrey Insurance Brokers and let us explain the various ways as to how we can structure your risk management strategy.