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Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance provides additional liability protection when larger losses, in excess of the base coverage offered by the auto, home, boat or other liability insurance policy you already have in place, occur. This important coverage is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits, when the limits of insurance of a typical policy are not enough. An Umbrella Insurance policy will provide financial shelter from lawsuits in excess of your primary protection. Let us help determine whether Umbrella Coverage is right for you.

FAST FACT: Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies are written in million dollar layers. Here is the easy way to tell if you need umbrella coverage: If your net worth is greater than your total policy limits combined… then you NEED an umbrella policy!

Valuables & Collections Insurance

For those really special classes of property, like jewelry, fine art and furs, property insurance policies have limitations – in some cases they even have exclusions. If you have treasured items that you want to make sure are adequately insured for replacement, we have solutions that will protect these from loss. Written on either a standalone basis, or as an endorsement to other property policies, coverage can be provided to safeguard your treasures. Conrey Insurance Brokers can provide protection for your most coveted items – just let us know what you have and we will take it from there.

FAST FACT: Valuables & Collections Insurance

Because every property policy has limitations on certain types of property, like jewelry or artwork, it is sometimes better to insure “an art collection” wherein you can obtain far more coverage at a more competitive rate.

Private Client Services

Private Client Services is a dedicated, highly-specialized group of advisors on staff at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers whom cater to the needs of high-net-worth individuals, meaning individuals/families with a net worth in excess of $5 Million. Further, we have the appointments with the insurers who specialize in the proper protection of the affluent.

This is no small matter, the unique challenges, exposures and needs of the affluent truly cannot be adequately provided by the standard coverage forms found with most personal lines offerings in the marketplace. We spent much effort arranging access to the best risk takers in the high net-worth insurance space, and now we stand ready to assist, evaluate, and protect the current and growing assets of the affluent.

Countless times we have found competitors vesting coverage in the name of the individual, when the property is held in trust, or as an asset of a partnership or an LLC or corporation – this is a huge concern. If you have a trust, an LLC or a partnership – any other entity that owns property for tax purposes or estate planning purposes, it is imperative that the first named insured be that entity – not you as an individual. Exceptions exist, but they are rare; if you find yourself looking at a policy in your name when the owner is another entity, call us – we can quickly evaluate the protection and form to determine if it has been vested properly. Many insurers lack the ability to properly name an entity, jerry-rigging the vesting to make a sale but exposing the unnamed entity to uninsured consequences, all without the insured understanding what they do and don’t have.

If you have an scenario you’d like an objective review of, just give us a call – we are here to help and you will come away with more knowledge on an important subject matter – your insurance protection.

FAST FACT: Private Client Services

Conrey Insurance Brokers realize that the needs of the affluent are very different. They require special attention and underwriters with special skills because they cannot be adequately protected by a typical policy.

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