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Health Insurance

The key to good health and health insurance is an adequate wellness plan. One must achieve a level of wellness that is a measure of physical, emotional and mental health. Any good wellness program starts at the core with a good health insurance policy, one that affords you access to the care, advice and services you need. What insurer, what plan, what deductible, co-pay and what provider panel are all things that need to be weighed and measured in your selection process. Picking a good plan is essential, and our experts can help you understand the nuances and differences of each. Health Insurance can be complicated. We will assist in revealing the pros, cons and options of each plan – guiding you to the best plan for your circumstance. Be well!

FAST FACT: Health Insurance

This is an ever-changing field of insurance. Due to its highly politicized nature, it is critical that you have an expert who can help you stay abreast of the evolving laws and options. Health insurance suffers from what economists call “The Law of Demand” and therefore costs are subject to change.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance is all about insuring one’s dignity – whether your own or that of a family member. It is a product whose demand has grown as people are living longer. With age often comes the need for help with aspects of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, eating, meal preparation, continence, transferring and walking. As one transitions from independence to dependence, Long Term Care can provide the financial reimbursement for assistance in these daily activities. Whether it is an in-home assistant, or full-time residence at a senior care facility, the costs are exorbitant. Long Term Care Insurance will provide for the financial resources necessary to cover the cost of: in-home care, assisted living, adult day care, respite and hospice care, nursing home and Alzheimer’s facilities.

Long Term Care is not age specific, nor is the need for these types of personal services, anyone at any age can find themselves in the state of dependence, and a Long Term Care policy can make the necessary assistance affordable. Whether for yourself or aging parents, it’s wise to consider this type of coverage to maintain dignity later in life. No one can truly anticipate the expense of long-term care and yet, without proper planning, it can disrupt even the most carefully-crafted retirement.

FAST FACT: Long-Term Care Insurance

Most people are of the opinion that they will never require long-term care. The fact is that 70% should expect to require some ongoing assistance from an outside source to do daily activities.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance, conceptually, is actually like insuring the goose that lays golden eggs from the fairytales of our youth. If you had such a goose, would you not insure it? Disability Insurance provides replacement income when you are injured or too ill to work, or the work that you can do is diminished because of this injury or illness. This important protection will provide a financial backstop so that you can maintain your lifestyle. It’s simply income protection. Let us show you how we can insure your number one asset – you – and your ability to earn a living.

FAST FACT: Disability Insurance

Most people think that disability insurance is not necessary. Statistics indicate that a 35 year old has a 50% chance of becoming disabled for a 90-day period or longer before the age of 65.

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