Six Boating Safety Tips for a Summer of Smooth Sailing

When thinking of classic summer activities, refreshing water activities are some of the first that come to mind. Among these popular activities are boating and other watersports. Whether riding on jet skis or piloting your own fishing boat, here are a few important tips that will help keep you safe on those hot summer days.

Tip 1: Learn About Boating Safety

Congratulations! In reading this, you’re already on your way to safer boating. 71% of all deaths occurred on boats where the operator had no boating safety instruction. Being aware of simple safety tips and learning about boating safety are key steps to preventing an accident. To sign up for a safety course, visit the California Division of Boating and Waterways here.

Tip 2: Be Careful of Cold Water

When boating, it is important to be aware of the temperature of the surrounding water and proper safety measures. The human body cools 25 times faster in water than air, and water temperatures below 70 degrees are cold enough to cause hypothermia. Even if the temperature is warm outside, the water may still be very cold! Consider using a fishing thermometer to help gauge the temperature. They are sold at many sporting goods stores, or on Amazon.

Tip 3: Look Out for Others

Boating propellers are dangerous and can cause injuries very quickly. Assign a passenger to keep a close watch of any people in the area to ensure they are not near boat propellers and be sure that you watch out for those on and off the boat as well.

Tip 4: Watch Your Liquor

Be aware of intoxication, as alcohol can impair the judgment and coordination of a boat operator and create a dangerous situation for passengers and swimmers.

Tip 5: Be Aware of the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, “Carbon Monoxide can accumulate in poorly ventilated canvas coverings, when reversing your boat, being next to another boat, blocked exhaust outlets and idling for long periods of time”. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be similar to seasickness, so be aware and do not disregard the symptoms, especially if more than one person exhibits signs. A Carbon Monoxide alarm, especially for boats, is highly recommended.

Tip 6: Always Wear Your Life Jacket

84% of drowning victims were not wearing a life jacket. Make sure you and all of your passengers are properly wearing a well-fitted life jacket while in and near the water.

By following these six simple tips, you can greatly increase your chances of having a safe summer day on the water. For more information on how to make sure your boating experience is smooth sailing, visit us here to learn more about proper protection for your watercraft.  For coverage advice, contact us at 1-877-450-1872 or online, and experience the Conrey Difference for yourself.