It’s Our Favorite Holiday of the Year

Happy National Insurance Awareness Day! Have you heard of it? Maybe not. While any day is a good day to protect the things that are most precious to you, National Insurance Awareness Day is a holiday that prompts everyone to take a closer look at their insurance in order to truly understand what it covers and to what extent. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to re-evaluate your coverage:

  • Changes in Value- As time goes on, some assets, including your home or car, may grow or shrink in value. It is important to consider these changes in order to make sure your coverage is enough.
  • Life Changes and Major Events- From marriage, to children, to career changes, or retirement, major lifestyle changes can increase (or decrease) the amount of coverage you need in order to protect your family’s lifestyle.
  • You’ve Changed- Perhaps you’ve lost a few pounds or quit smoking. These changes can be reflected in your insurance costs, saving you money as a bonus perk.
  • Changes in Your Business Status- Have you started your own business? Has your business grown or downsized? You’ll want to make sure your enterprise is fully covered.
  • You Want Savings- Depending on a variety of factors, reevaluating your insurance can save you money, both in the long and short run.

Just like an annual check-up with your doctor is a priority, make sure an evaluation of your insurance coverage is a priority too.  It’s as simple as contacting Conrey Insurance Brokers for a free insurance check-up. We understand the importance of providing you with proper protection through the best insurers with the most competitive pricing. Our goal is for you to achieve peace of mind knowing what matters most to you is properly protected, because at Conrey Insurance Brokers, every day is National Insurance Awareness Day. World-class service is our promise – that’s the Conrey Difference.

So mark your calendars for June 28th and let us celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day by making sure you are properly protected. To schedule your free insurance check-up, simply call us at 1-877-450-1872, or online and experience the Conrey Difference for yourself.