Weed in the Workplace: Do You Know Your Rights?

Whether you call it weed, cannabis or another moniker, the legalization of marijuana in California has opened up many questions regarding its use. For employers and employees alike, the use of recreational marijuana can be a subject that is difficult to broach and very confusing. Just what is the difference between the state and federal laws? How will the new laws affect me? Employers may wonder if they can ban its use on a professional level. Luckily, states have realized this dilemma and have begun to rule on the extent to which recreational use can be controlled within the workplace.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we strive to bring you the latest information about hot topics-which is why we’ve compiled an up-to-date informative guide detailing the rights of both employees and employers following these recent legal changes. Whether you’re just curious or want to learn more about your rights, we encourage you to educate yourself with our handy guide, which can be downloaded here.

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