Why Wedding Insurance Should Be On Your Checklist For The Big Event

Whether it’s an outdoor celebration under sunny June skies, or a fall, winter or spring ceremony in a venue you’ve scouted and reserved far in advance, a successful wedding can take plenty of planning. But with checklist in hand, and vendors carefully selected, what could possibly go wrong when the special day arrives?

Consider the possibilities—and insure for them.
We’re not talking about the minor snags and mishaps that crop up at virtually every wedding, producing nothing more serious than an amusing tale to tell your future grandkids. We’re talking about complications that can spoil memories, wreck budgets and even derail the entire event. A wedding insurance policy tailored to your plans can save the day in any number of situations.

A recent study by a major insurer revealed the costliest wedding claims of the past five years:

Vendors drop the ball – Did your videographer fail to show up, or an erased memory card wipe out the day’s imagery? Insurance could pay for a reshoot later on. Or if your wedding venue went out of business before the event, insurance can recoup whatever you’ve already paid, so you can still book another.
Illness intervenes – The second most common claim is due to illness of the bride, groom or a parent. Wedding insurance can help cover your rescheduling expenses.
Weather won’t cooperate – From clouds that rain out your garden ceremony, to a blizzard, twister or hurricane that wreaks havoc, insurance can help offer a sunny resolution to your change of plans.
Military duty calls – When an unforeseen military deployment summons one or both wedding-party members, insurance can pay for the deposits lost due to postponing or cancelling the event.
Other costly catastrophes – Did you get a bill for accidentally breaking something at the wedding venue, or for ravages caused by members on your guest list who couldn’t handle their champagne? Property damage can be included in your wedding insurance. So can the cost of replacing a damaged or lost wedding gown, or rented tuxedo pieces.

Plan ahead, and match your insurance to your wedding.
Although most insurance companies limit how far in advance you can insure the event, it makes sense to arrange coverage as soon as possible. For example if you’ve placed a deposit on your reception venue 12 months ahead of time, that deposit could be at risk if the business fails or burns down before you’ve obtained a wedding policy. As you’re contracting with facilities, caterers and other vendors, verify whether they have their own insurance, and get copies. This can save paying for double coverage when you get your own policy.

You want to properly protect the Big Day – now what?
With your plans and a list of key vendors in hand, contact the Conrey Team to discuss a policy that’s as uniquely tailored to you as the wedding scenario you’ve dreamed of. Call us at 1-877-450-1872, or visit our website.