Kelly Moore Addresses Today’s Most Common Benefits Questions from Employees

Kelly Moore, CEBS, is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist with more than 20 years of experience at leading benefits firms, including OneDigital and Marsh. As a member of the Conrey Financial Services team, Kelly specializes in helping clients design and maintain employee benefits programs while navigating the risk of constant evolution.

This year’s open enrollment season is marked by even greater change than usual. As Kelly explains, “The pandemic is driving leaps in technology adoption, as well as heightened awareness among employees of the need for healthcare access.”

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of the current benefits landscape, Kelly identifies four questions that employers are hearing frequently from their employees right now. “In each case, I like to look beyond the immediate answer to also provide a way to go a step beyond in addressing the employee’s needs,” she says.

Kelly observes that one of the most common employee questions is how to find in-network providers. She notes that employers can go beyond by scheduling a provider search exercise during open enrollment, that familiarizes employees with available tools before they’re needed.

Employees also are asking how to access telemedicine. Kelly recommends encouraging them to register in advance, online, or with a mobile application, to help ensure this important benefit is ready and waiting.

Another common question is whether care can be accessed without an ID card. Kelly says the answer almost always is yes—and downloading the carrier’s app can be an excellent way to do this.

Finally, employees are asking what to consider when comparing plan options. Here, Kelly suggests challenging them to create a health budget with best- and worst-case estimates that make this comparison easier.

For more details about what’s on employees’ minds, download this article “The 4 Most Common Employee Open Enrollment Questions Right Now.” And if you have questions about enhancing your own employee benefits program, or developing a new one, Kelly and the Conrey Financial Services team are here to help. To arrange a meeting, call us at 877-450-1872 or contact us online.

Staying Safe in the Workplace

This Safety Focused video discusses treating pain without opioids and avoiding sprains and strains. It is important to know the effects of taking an opioid when you are in pain and how usage over time may lead to addiction. Equally important is knowing different techniques to avoid different sprains and strains and keeping your muscles as healthy as possible.

At Conrey Insurance we want to ensure that you know how to treat pain and avoid damage to your muscles. To speak with a member of the Conrey Team, call (877) 450-1872 or contact us and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself.

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Planning for Healthcare in Retirement

Rising healthcare costs, as well as the burden they may place on your children when you’re retired, are a growing concern. Fortunately, you have options. Exploring them begins by developing a realistic view of your likely future needs.

What are the odds?

While the odds of winning a multimillion-dollar lottery jackpot are millions to one, the odds of incurring expenses for your physical or mental care in retirement are 7 out of 10. As a couple, the likelihood rises to 9 out of 10 that at least one of you will incur these expenses. Financially speaking, these odds aren’t in your favor. But with proper planning, you can manage the risks and help improve your chances of a better outcome.

How much should I budget?

How much will you need to budget for your care in retirement? Take a look at this helpful resource link to learn about the cost of care in different parts of the country. It tells you county by county in each state how much it will cost for different types of care and facilities. It also has a slider that lets you calculate projected financial costs up to 30years in the future.

How could a need for care impact my family?

When a family member needs long-term care, the emotional and tangible costs are different for everyone. Click here to learn about the experiences of someone who has experienced these costs first-hand. This video shares a real-life example of a small-business owner and how the need for long-term care has impacted her business and her overall lifestyle.

Who can explain my options?

We know that planning for future healthcare needs can be bewildering. We’re here to help. At Conrey Insurance Brokers, our risk managers have access to a wide variety of resources. We’ll learn what’s important to you and tailor a plan around your personal needs and priorities. By identifying, assessing, and helping relieve you of most of the risks involved, we can help you provide your family with peace of mind for the future. The earlier you get started, the better. Acting today has many benefits, so it doesn’t pay to wait.

We’ve been helping people address the risks of long-term healthcare needs for many years. Let us help make a difference in your life so that you make a difference for your entire family. Check out our Long-Term Care section here, call us at 1-877-450-1872 or contact us here, and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself!

Michael A. Mazza is the Financial Services Representative at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers. Michael makes a difference by helping people with their retirement goals and protects what matters most to them. You can learn more about Michael here.