Cover My Ride(Auto Insurance)

Cover My Ride

Auto Insurance

Getting around is the biggest challenge of living in California. From the time the training wheels come off, choosing the right vehicle is tough. Finding the right auto insurance is a close second. Whether you have chosen a hot rod or a hybrid, we, the agents at Conrey Insurance Brokers, know exactly how to protect you and your wheels. If you are seeking the solution that protects you, your rod, and those around you, we are the ones you want.

FAST FACT: Auto Insurance

Did you know that there are policies available that will pay replacement value for your vehicle and make up the difference as to what is owed? You won’t find yourself owing more on the vehicle than it is worth if your policy is written correctly.

Motorcycle Insurance

From the time you were young you probably always had that streak that refused to conform. Believe it or not… we get it! Jerry Conrey rides an Indian! He knows the love of the open road and the freedom of the wind in his face. Motorcycle insurance is quite a specialty. It is critical to make sure that you are covered properly. Even if you are a very cautious rider, accidents can happen. We will make sure you and your ride are adequately covered.

FAST FACT: Motorcycle Insurance

Don’t assume that your toys are covered! Motorcycles deserve their own policy, and you should never assume that they are protected on your automobile policy. Off road vehicles are not necessarily covered on auto policies either.

Photo: Jerry Conrey on his 17 Chieftain Elite


RV & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

California has all the places to roam – deserts, mountains, forests and beaches. Within a couple of hours’ drive, you can find almost any kind of terrain to play on… and have the toys necessary to enjoy it! You have to be properly insured for whatever fun you have in mind. Whether you are “glamping” in a beautiful coach, or “crawling” in a tricked-out Jeep, you need to be covered in case of an accident. We know what’s necessary to put together the right insurance solution for you, so your “fun” is covered.

FAST FACT: RV & Off-Road Insurance

Did you know that RV Insurance provides replacement cost of the personal property inside of your RV in addition to the damage to the rig itself? And did you also know that there are three different classes of Recreational Vehicles: Class A which is a coach or bus, there is Class B which would be like a Silver Stream-type of vehicle, and Class C would be a detachable camper or 5th wheel.

Watercraft Insurance

With all the beaches, lakes and waterways, the many yachts, boats and all manner of watercraft are prevalent in California. Beginning with the wind-up and or remote-controlled varieties from an earlier time, those fortunate enough to have worked hard and achieved their goals now have a sizeable asset to insure. We fully understand what it takes to earn these “toys,” and then to find the time to enjoy them. Your watercraft needs to be protected appropriately and at a reasonable cost. We will ensure that you can truly relax in the knowledge that you are properly insured.

FAST FACT: Watercraft Insurance

Did you know that if an accident occurs while towing a boat, the liability protection is actually provided through your automobile policy?

Aircraft Insurance

Your first aircraft may have been folded from paper. For some, the dream has been fulfilled after hours of study, practice and licensing. We insure all aspects of flight, whether personally or corporately owned, we have solutions to insure the pilot and the craft – whether in flight or parked in the hangar. The saying may be “the sky’s the limit,” but when it comes to insuring aircraft and pilots, we have down to earth solutions that you can truly rely upon.

FAST FACT: Aircraft Insurance

In the case of Aviation Insurance, all liability rests with the pilot. There are five categories of insurance that apply to this specialized sector of the industry. In Flight Insurance – which is any loss that happens while the plane is in motion, Ground Risk Hull Insurance – which covers a plane for damages sustained while it is on the ground, but not moving, Public Liability Insurance – which covers damages that occur to third party entities and property, Passenger Liability – which covers any injuries or physical peril that might befall a passenger while the plane is being operated, and Smooth Insurance – which is coverage while the plane is taxiing.

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Cover My Castle(Homeowners Insurance)

Cover My Castle

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your castle, and each one is as unique as its owner. You have scrimped and saved and filled your home with items that are especially meaningful to you. At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we know this and our experts are highly proficient at finding the right home insurance solution to ensure that your home and personal belongings will be properly replaced should a loss occur.

As one of California’s premier insurance brokerages, we have the ability to shop multiple insurance carriers to get you the best possible coverage at the most competitive rate. In addition to helping you properly calculate the replacement coverage for your home, we will develop a comprehensive home insurance strategy upon which you can depend. We have many places to turn for insurance, that’s the advantage of working with a broker – we represent your interests above all others.

FAST FACT: Homeowners Insurance

Insure your home for replacement cost, rather than actual value, so that you will be assured of being adequately covered for fluctuations in the market and labor and materials costs at the time of a loss, should a loss occur. Many insurance companies write policies for actual value to offer a competitive rate, but when a loss happens, your home cannot be rebuilt.

Condominium Insurance

Your home is your castle, whether it is a standalone house or a condominium, we want to properly protect it for you. You have most likely filled your home with items that are especially meaningful to you. We will learn what you value, and make sure that everything is properly protected – because we want you to recover fully from a loss.

Although the condominium association typically purchases insurance to cover any damage to the building’s exterior, there’s still need to insure the contents, your liability, and any upgrades that have been made to your unit. Many condo owners are unaware that they need protection for the interior of the unit, including walls, floors, ceilings as well as the contents. We can solve these issues and make sure that you have the right coverage in place – crafted perfectly fit to your particular needs.

FAST FACT: Condominium Insurance

The best way to make sure you are properly protected is to tailor your coverage to fit the CC&Rs of your association. If your current agent didn’t review this document, there is a good chance that your insurance coverage has left you vulnerable.

Renters Insurance

Renters also need to protect what matters most to them. Whether you are renting a home, apartment, condo, studio, loft or tree house, we can determine the necessary coverage to replace your possessions and potentially protect you in the event that you are responsible for another’s injury or damage to another’s property.

FAST FACT: Renters Insurance

Covers personal property in your car and office and in your locker at the gym. It also protects against 3rd party liability. For example, a guest at your apartment burns themselves helping to prepare dinner, or slips and falls around the apartment complex pool – your renters’ insurance covers this liability.

Also we have found that most people underestimate the value of their clothing and the contents of their kitchen and garage, so it’s important to consider what it would take to replace everything you own.

Flood Insurance

What most people don’t know is that most home, condo, office and rental policies do not cover this type of loss as part of the basic coverage. Anywhere it rains it can flood, and the damage can be devastating.

We realize that your home is not full of contents, it is full of your memories. Let us guide you to the best solution for flood insurance so that you are protected when a sprinkle becomes a deluge.

FAST FACT: Flood Insurance

Most people don’t understand that if you have water in your home as a result of a plumbing issue or a toilet that has over-flowed, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage caused by that water. However, only flood insurance will protect you in the event of damage as a result of water coming from the outside to the inside of your home.

Earthquake Insurance

California is known for its beaches, mountains, gorgeous weather, movie stars and earthquakes!

Whether you live in a manse or rent a flat, an earthquake can destroy everything you have worked so hard to acquire. It can bring you right down to your foundation… literally. Quality of construction has improved, so cost of earthquake insurance has also become more affordable. Let us show you how to protect your most important asset from an earthquake. While others are in line asking for government assistance, you will be busy rebuilding.

FAST FACT: Earthquake Insurance

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 84% of the nation’s earthquake claims are paid out in California, Washington and Oregon… averaging $4.4 Billion/year. If you live in these states, you should seriously consider having this coverage.

Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers received the Gold Level Award from Mercury Insurance Group. Fewer than 5% of Mercury agencies have qualified for the Gold Award. Give us a call and experience the difference first hand.

Improving Your Hearts Health

It’s never to late to make a positive change. Some times changing something small, can have a big impact. Learn more about your heart and how to take care of yourself in the article below or read it here. 

Improving Your Hearts Health Article

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How the Government Shutdown Affects You

As the government shutdown reaches 28 days, the effects are beginning to mount. Around 800,000 government employees are affected. Many are going to work not knowing when their next paycheck will come. The shutdown has ramifications for us all whether we realize it or not. The FDA is not doing routine food inspection. The National Parks Service has suspended trash collection and road maintenance, even completely closing down some parks. The Department of Housing and Urban Development had to send landlords letters to not evict people who use housing assistance programs. More than double the average TSA employee number has called in sick. Certain government programs do not rely on regular spending bills such as the military, Medicare and Social Security. These programs continue through shutdowns. To learn more about the byproduct of the government shutdown read this article.  

This is the longest shutdown since modern budgeting went into effect in 1976. Since then there have been 21 government shutdowns. The only President to survive his time in office without a shutdown is George W. Bush. Ronald Reagan has seen the most times shutdown at eight. To view the list of other shutdowns in this time frame click here. So what is the root cause of a government shutdown? Basically, Congress fails to pass bills or continuing resolutions to fund government agencies or programs or also, when the President does not sign the bill or continuing resolutions.  

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New Year’s Wishes from Jerry Conrey

Jerry Conrey proposes a toast to a joyous and Happy New Year.


Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction This Holiday Season

During the holidays, time is short and quick decisions are made regarding all things – including what you are going to wear to any given holiday gathering. You want to leave an impression, but certainly not a bad one or one that endangers you or those around you!

  • Make sure that new outfits actually do fit. Although you are trying to make an impression, if your pants are too long and haven’t been hemmed properly, you can end up tripping, seriously hurting yourself, and truly impacting your holiday season.
  • Be careful about holiday trim on seasonal outfits – some of these materials are flammable. Being the life of the party could take on a whole new meaning if you pass by a lit candle and you are the one who is actually lit.
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes. Many of us fall victim to the “10-minute shoes” – The phenomenally fashionable footwear that looks festive but feels like the handiwork of a fascist. It is wise to have an optional pair to change in to so you can enjoy the entire holiday event.
  • Determine the dress code for a particular event prior to attending. Often your idea of the appropriate attire is completely different than the intended thoughts of the host or hostess and your entire experience can be affected by the fact that you are wearing jeans to a formal affair even though you might be the most comfortable person in the room!

We at Conrey Insurance Brokers offer these helpful hints as a means of keeping you safe during the holidays when things can be hectic. We know how hard you have worked and how difficult it can be to dress for success safely keeping the holiday hazards at bay! Call us at 1-877-450-1872 or contact us here, and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself!

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Tap into the Rich History of Oktoberfest

In the United States, almost 20% of people claim German ancestry. In California alone, the number of residents with German heritage totals 3 million people. Nearly everyone knows Oktoberfest as an event featuring beer, brats, and dancing galore, but very few people know the long history behind it. Here are a few fascinating historical points to share with your friends during the festivities!


Oktoberfest began in 1810 in Munich (where the main event is still held today) as a continuation of a party surrounding a royal wedding. The celebration was so much fun, the country decided to make it a yearly occasion. After 1819, the celebration was moved forward a few weeks to take advantage of warmer weather and longer days. Originally, beer was not a keystone of the festivities; an agricultural show and horse races were the biggest draws. Once allowed, beer stands began to crop up, which were replaced by beer halls in 1896 due to their popularity. While beer and food remained popular attractions, the last horse race was held in 1960 and the agricultural show is now held only every four years.


There have been 24 occasions during which Oktoberfest was canceled, often due to an outbreak of disease or war. A few of the most notable cancellations were due to being at war with Napoleon, an outbreak of cholera, and both World Wars. The festival also underwent a short-lived name change from 1946-1948 where it was dubbed “Autumn Festival”.

Drinks and Dance

According to VistaWide, Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival with 6 million people consuming 1.5 million gallons of beer during the 16-day festival. The beer served during festivities is a unique brew called Märzen, which contains around 6% alcohol. It is stronger and darker than most beer. The food is hearty, including a variety of potato dishes, soft pretzels, sausage, and other meats. The Munich festival includes a variety of fair rides and games to accompany the music, food, and beer.

Here at Conrey Insurance Brokers, we want to wish you a very festive Octoberfest, no matter how you celebrate. O’zapft is! (“It’s tapped!”) And because we always stress proper protection and risk management, please remember to drink responsibly.