Risk Insight: Reduce Your Exposures During Work Events

Throughout the year your company might hold different events for various reasons. In the Winter  Companies big and small host Holiday parties for their hard-working employees. These guidelines will help make sure that your company and its employees have both a fun and safe holiday event.

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New Year’s Wishes from Jerry Conrey

Jerry Conrey proposes a toast to a joyous and Happy New Year.


A Holiday Message from Jerry Conrey

On behalf of Conrey Insurance Brokers, Jerry Conrey would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction This Holiday Season

During the holidays, time is short and quick decisions are made regarding all things – including what you are going to wear to any given holiday gathering. You want to leave an impression, but certainly not a bad one or one that endangers you or those around you!

  • Make sure that new outfits actually do fit. Although you are trying to make an impression, if your pants are too long and haven’t been hemmed properly, you can end up tripping, seriously hurting yourself, and truly impacting your holiday season.
  • Be careful about holiday trim on seasonal outfits – some of these materials are flammable. Being the life of the party could take on a whole new meaning if you pass by a lit candle and you are the one who is actually lit.
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes. Many of us fall victim to the “10-minute shoes” – The phenomenally fashionable footwear that looks festive but feels like the handiwork of a fascist. It is wise to have an optional pair to change in to so you can enjoy the entire holiday event.
  • Determine the dress code for a particular event prior to attending. Often your idea of the appropriate attire is completely different than the intended thoughts of the host or hostess and your entire experience can be affected by the fact that you are wearing jeans to a formal affair even though you might be the most comfortable person in the room!

We at Conrey Insurance Brokers offer these helpful hints as a means of keeping you safe during the holidays when things can be hectic. We know how hard you have worked and how difficult it can be to dress for success safely keeping the holiday hazards at bay! Call us at 1-877-450-1872 or contact us here, and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself!

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Protecting Holiday Packages From Theft: An Easy Guide

As online holiday shopping continues to increase in popularity, it should be no surprise that package thefts are on the rise. For thieves, stealing a package often involves less risk than shoplifting and the packages themselves often contain a number of valuable items that are prime for resale. As the holidays approach, the number of these packages grows exponentially leaving thieves salivating at the easy and numerous pickings. If you are planning on ordering off of websites such as Amazon, there are several steps you can take to minimize damages and avoid the heartbreak and stress of losing a package to theft.

Utilize Special Delivery Instructions

Many online retailers will have a place to add special delivery instructions. In this area, consider putting clear instructions detailing a safe, hidden place to leave packages. This can be somewhere off to the side of the house, in some densely clustered bushes, or over a fence of some sort. Very few thieves will go looking for packages, especially when neighbors may have theirs readily visible and easy to take.

Require a Signature

Consider marking the package as requiring a signature so that the delivery is given to a trusted person. If you are close with your neighbors, you may consider asking them to sign for you and hold the package if you are not home.

Choose a Delivery Date/Place Strategically

In the age of two-day shipping, it may seem as though sooner is better. However, there are often different shipping options that can be chosen at checkout. Consider choosing a day that you or another family member will be home or have them delivered to your place of work. Alternatively, you can ask for packages to be held at your local post office or delivered to the house of a trusted family member or friend until it is convenient for you to retrieve them. Choosing these options will keep packages from being out in the open for any period of time.

Security Devices: For Packages and More

Lately, home security has become easier than ever with many affordable camera services. These security measures can record video evidence or deter thieves from taking a package, even if it does end up placed on your porch. Options like the Ring doorbell system will alert you of people approaching your door via your phone and even allow you to talk to visitors.

Insurance from the Carrier

Finally, you may want to check and see what insurance is available from the carrier. Many carriers insure items that cost $100 or less. For more expensive packages, you may be able to buy more insurance from the carrier. Be sure to check and see what packages and to what extent they are covered.

If Package Theft Occurs

You can file a credit card dispute with the sender (if it is a big company like Amazon) and they will take care of the issue from their end since they are the ones utilizing the mail service. If the package was sent by a relative, you will need to make a claim of theft.

From all of us here at Conrey Insurance Brokers, we want you to have happy and safe holidays; that’s why we encourage everyone to take proper precautions during this season. We hope that you’ll keep these tips in mind when ordering presents online. Additionally, now is a good time to brush up on homeowner’s insurance or consider an umbrella policy. These policies may compensate in cases of theft allowing you to be reimbursed for the content of your packages. For more information, schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to review your policy; whether it’s with us or another insurance brokerage.

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