Leave the Scares to the Movies: Protect Yourself on Halloween

Halloween is the season for scares, however, most people would rather be scared by decorations, haunted houses, and movies than by liability. When you leave your lights on during Halloween night, trick-or-treaters become invited guests, meaning you may be liable for any injuries sustained while on your property. That doesn’t mean you need to stop welcoming costumed kids for candy; you simply need to take a few steps to childproof your house and limit your risks. Here are a few simple things to do to provide a safe environment on Halloween:

  • Keep Walkways Clear – by clearing walkways of toys, decorations, and other tripping hazards, you create a safer environment for trick-or-treaters.
  • Don’t Let the Dogs Out – no matter how sweet, dogs can easily become overwhelmed by a large number of strangers passing through. Combined with young children that often have poor judgment around animals, dogs are better kept restrained.
  • Water Hazards – pools, spas, and ponds can become drowning hazards, particularly after dusk. Make sure bodies of water are closed off, covered, or visibly marked.
  • Help Guests Make Responsible Choices – if you are serving alcohol at a Halloween party, do not let visibly intoxicated guests drive themselves.
  • Make Sure Your Yard is Well Lit – making sure that your yard is well lit will help ensure that many hazards are highlighted and able to be avoided.

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