8 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

When purchasing a new motor vehicle there are many factors that you must consider to make the right purchase. One of these huge factors is getting the right Insurance coverage for your vehicle that is both cost effective and has the right coverage for your. These tips will help you save on your Auto Insurance.

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Winter Sports Insurance: Protect Yourself From Mishaps on the Slope

While winter is most often recognized as a time for holiday celebrations, it is also an excellent time for seasonal sports. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hockey, ice fishing or snowmobiling, these sports and trips to mountain resorts are a common tradition in the SoCal area. As these activities continue to rise in popularity, participants should consider winter sports insurance to make sure the day is smooth… skiing.

What is Winter Sports Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Winter sports insurance is a short-term add-on policy that gives you and your fellow visitors extra coverage to specifically address common issues that may arise when participating in winter athletics. Winter sports are often considered to be high-risk sports by insurers, which means injuries sustained while participating in them may not be covered under normal treatment coverage. Adding winter sports insurance compensates for this and can alleviate the cost of treatment should an accident occur. Many plans also offer additional benefits, such as covering the cost of lost or damaged equipment or lift passes, cancelled activities, and any liability you may have if you injure anyone else. You can add these insurance plans for just the amount of time you are participating, making them very affordable.

Whether traveling near or far to partake in the fun of a snow-filled day, consider speaking with one of our friendly agents about adding winter sports insurance. We’re here to make sure that no matter what happens on the slopes, you’ll be covered; that’s the Conrey Difference. To get in touch and see if winter sports insurance is right for you…

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Are you Protecting your Fine Handbag Collection the Same Way you Protect your Art and Jewelry?

National Handbag Day is October 10th. Handbags, like jewelry, are an investment. Whether your collection is one handbag or several handbags, it’s important to take the right steps to protect what you have worked so hard for. Our partner, Nationwide Private Client, has generously provided the following tips and more on protecting your handbag collection.

According to FinancesOnline.com, owning the rarest, best-designed and most durable bags is a worthwhile investment, with resale prices astronomically rising after several years.¹ A rare Hermès Birkin bag recently sold for $383,522 at an auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong.² A mini Courcheval yellow Hermès Kelly bag previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor sold for $47,196.²

The Kelly bag, which was renamed after Grace Kelly fell in love with the sac à dépêches, takes at least 18 hours to create by hand and usually starts around $10,000 depending on the type of leather.³ Most Birkin bags, which take up to 48 hours to produce, sell for $8,000-$12,000 depending on the size and material used.³

Whether or not your personal collection includes an iconic Hermès bag, we understand your handbag collection is important to you. Nationwide Private Client Risk Solutions recommends the following simple steps to help protect your fine handbag collection:

Take inventory of your handbags

Home inventories are invaluable to have when it comes to a loss, especially a total loss. Start today by including your handbag collection in your home inventory:

  • Do a video walkthrough of your house showing all the major items in each room and a view of each closet so your valued possessions, including your handbags, can be seen.
  • Take photographs of your handbags showing the brand names.
  • Keep all your handbag collection inventory information in a secure location, such as in a safety deposit box or stored with a secure cloud service provider.
  • Regularly maintain and update your inventory as you purchase new handbags. There are vendors, software and applications to assist with your inventory.
  • Contact your insurance agent to confirm your handbag collection is adequately insured.

Take care of your handbags to protect their value

Follow these simple steps to help safeguard your passion for handbags, one of your most prized collections.

  • Shield your handbag from spills and dirt by treating the material with fabric guard, water and oil repellant and/or leather conditioner. When purchasing, remember to ask what treatment product is recommended for use on the handbag.
  • Avoid placing your handbag in areas where it can get soiled. For example, be careful where you put your bag while at the hair salon. If left on the floor, styling products and chemically treated clippings can land on your handbag and leave marks. When dining out, consider using a purse hook to store your handbag under the table or placing a smaller clutch behind you in your chair at the small of your back to protect from food, beverages and dirty floors.
  • Handbags will last longer if stored the right way: out of sunlight, away from heat sources, in an upright position and ideally within their dust bags or a natural-fiber pillowcase. Never store bags in plastic or vinyl, which can trap moisture inside. Keep handles crossed over each other to avoid scratches. Removable straps should be detached and stored inside the handbag.
  • Maintain the shape of the handbag with a handbag insert or bubble wrap. Don’t use scarves, sweaters or tissue paper, as they can attract moths.
  • Protect the lining from stains and tears by storing cosmetics and liquids in pouches. Opt for pens with caps or keep them in pouches, as well. Handbag liners can also be used to organize and keep the interior clean.
  • Avoid touching the bag with dirty hands or after applying beauty products, lotion or cream.
  • Regularly rotate which handbag you use so they don’t wear out too quickly.
  • Practice routine maintenance. Clean suede with a suede brush. Moisturize leather regularly to keep it looking good and free of cracks. Wipe your handbag with a soft cloth on a weekly basis.
  • For stains, tears and wear beyond your expertise, take it to a handbag repair professional. Most shoe repair shops also work on handbags. They can treat it, clean it and restore its color.

Review your Policy

It is important to check with your insurance company to ensure your bags are properly covered in the event of loss or damages. Most insurance companies cover handbags on your homeowner’s insurance policy under the personal property category.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers we want to make sure you have the right coverage for the things that are important to you. If you are unsure if your handbags are covered, or would like to get them covered, call us at 1-877-450-1872 or contact us here, and experience the Conrey Difference for yourself.



Prepare, Protect and Plan: Three Key Steps to Fire Safety

If you live in California, every season is fire season. It is imperative that every homeowner is properly protected before the Santa Ana winds begin to blow. Here are three things that we recommend in order for you to be prepared:

  1. Document Your Belongings in Order to Get Full Replacement Value

It is recommended by most insurers that you document your belongings in order to be able to easily claim the full replacement value. Without these documents, insurers may offer the cheapest comparable replacements. There are several methods that can be used, including keeping a photographic log of items and their receipts (in the case of more expensive items like electronics and jewelry), or a video showing the items in your household. Remember to make sure that any model numbers or identifying features are visible.

  1. Review Your Homeowners Policy – You May Not Be Fully Covered

In order to make sure your homeowner’s insurance covers fire damage, review your existing policy. In some cases, plans limit how much compensation can be given for fire damage; this may mean that your coverage is not enough to replace the full value of your home and belongings. While most homeowner’s insurance provides fire protection, it often only does so to an extent. For instance, in an area that has been widely affected, labor and material costs may rise as people rebuild. Homeowner’s insurance may also neglect to cover the cost of certain aspects of clean up such as ash and debris. For this reason, it is important to consider reviewing your policy to ensure that the coverage you have is adequate for your property, especially as we enter the driest month of the year.

  1. Download Our Guide

In your home, there is only one thing that is truly irreplaceable: Your Family. That’s why we’re offering this helpful guide that provides important safety tips and information on what to do if you are the victim of a fire. Click here to download our free fire safety guide.

We believe in proactively protecting the things that you’ve worked so hard to build; it’s The Conrey Difference. Download our comprehensive fire safety guide and schedule an appointment today to discuss your coverage and manage your risk. We’ll be happy to help.


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Renters Insurance | Five Questions to ask your Agent or Broker

A renters insurance policy can cover a wide array of risks depending on the individual policy.

Renters insurance can cover your personal possessions as well as help pay for legal fees and manage the potential risk of a monetary legal judgment should you be sued because of an accident causing bodily injury or property damage to others. It’s important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable risk manager to ensure your renters policy protects what you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Here are some questions to bring up with your agent or broker when choosing the amount of protection that will insure what matters most is properly protected.

renters insurance

  1. What is covered under my renters insurance policy?

Never make any assumptions about what is protected and what is not under any insurance policy, including your renters insurance. Should you need to file a claim, your agent or broker should explain in detail what your policy covers, and for how much money. If you are unsure, or have questions, always ask until you have a clear understanding. A respectable risk manager will always make time to be sure you understand the scope and limitations of your insurance policies.

A renters policy is similar to a homeowners policy in that it will generally cover your losses due to fire, theft, and accidental damage. It will also provide some protection against potential legal fees and financial awards due to accidents should you be found to be liable. A renters insurance policy generally does not cover flood or earthquake damage. You should always know the specific amount of coverage you have by category.

  1. Are my roommates covered under my policy?

Generally, only family members and not roommates are covered under a renters policy. Some providers allow multiple individuals to be covered under one policy, but again, never assume, always ask you agent or broker who is covered by your policy.

  1. Know the difference between current value and replacement cost protection.

There are two ways you can be protected by a renters policy. 1) You can have current value protection or 2) replacement cost. With current value protection, you might receive only $600 for a TV you may have paid $1,200 for due to depreciation, whereas replacement cost would ensure you could replace that exact TV at the current price.

  1. Am I protected if my dog bites a guest or neighbor?

Some policies cover liability created by your dog injuring someone, and some do not. It may also depend on the type of dog you own. You should always discuss this matter with your broker and agent when acquiring your renters insurance.

  1. Are items stolen from my car protected under my renters insurance policy?

Renters policies generally include coverage for items stolen off-premises. That means belongings outside your home have insurance protection similar to the things inside your home. However, off premises coverage may be limited to a percentage of your total coverage amount for personal items. For example, if you have $50,000 in personal items coverage, the amount available for off-premises losses may be 10 percent of that figure, or $5,000. Also, keep in mind, there is generally a deductible that applies.

Conrey Insurance Brokers is dedicated to building strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and community. The Conrey Team of experienced risk managers can assist you with your personal insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance, and financial services needs.

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How Social Media Posts Could Negate Your Insurance Coverage

Do you post images of your vacation on social media while you are on your trip?

If you personally haven’t done so, you probably have a friend or family member who proudly shared their photos while on vacation. In the past, we have published blog posts that have detailed the risk management issues this could cause for you. It is essentially an announcement to burglars that nobody is home and your house and valuables are ripe for the picking.

Insurers are considering whether to view the posting of real time vacation photos as a violation of the “reasonable care” clause on your homeowners and valuable articles policies. Seeing how more than 2 million residential burglaries occur in the U.S. every year, costing insurers more than $14 billion annually, it is no wonder why insurance providers are spending time seriously analyzing this issue.

social media

Think there is no correlation between social media vacation posts and home burglaries? All you need to do is look at the case of English Premier League professional soccer player John Terry to see that one absolutely exists. Terry was on a ski vacation with his family and posted pictures on his Instagram account of his wife and himself on the slopes. A couple of his 3.4 million followers on Instagram took this as an invitation to break into Terry’s $6,600,000 Surrey, UK mansion. The thieves made off with more than $500,000 worth of the Terry family’s valuables, including hard to replace first edition Harry Potter books valued at more than $23,000.

Police and insurers are alarmed at the increasing correlation between vacation social media posts and residential burglaries. While insurers currently replace the valuables in such a situation, it is increasingly looking as that may not always be the case. An additional consideration is that many have a loved one house-sitting while they are away. Thieves may break into a home expecting it to be empty, only to be surprised by a house-sitter and the consequences of that may not be fixed by any amount of insurance coverage.

Conrey Insurance Brokers urges you and your loved ones not to post pictures of your vacations on social media, especially in real time. While your insurance policy may replace your valuables, it can’t fix the violation you will feel after having your home burglarized.

We want you and your loved ones to enjoy your vacation without getting a dreaded call from your local police or neighbor that your home was burglarized because of an image posted on social media.

For more information on how to secure your home while on vacation follow this link to our blog post on the topic.

Since 1969, Conrey Insurance Brokers have been protecting the personal, commercial, and financial interests of our clients throughout Southern California. We are here to provide expert risk management solutions, ensuring your interests, loved ones, and financial future is properly protected.

Conrey Insurance Brokers is dedicated to building strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and community. The Conrey Team of experienced risk managers can assist you with your personal insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance, and financial services needs.

Conrey Insurance Brokers prides itself on being a one-stop independent insurance broker and financial services boutique that provides unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and service at a tremendous value.

Act today to ensure you are prepared for tomorrow. Contact the Conrey Team at 1-877-450-1872 or go to our website to get started on a free consultation today.

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