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Cyber Threat Scenarios – What might an attack look like?

Edited June 6th, by Kyle Langan What is a business email compromise or email account compromise? These cyber risks are financially damaging digital crimes. It exploits the fact that so many professionals rely on email to conduct business. “In a business email compromise (BEC) scam, criminals send an email message that appears to come from […]

What could the financial impact of a cyber loss event cost?

Published April 24, 2024 by Kyle Langan Are smaller companies targeted with attacks? Have you seen attempts at Funds Transfer Fraud, through phishing? Sinister sources send these attempts out frequently, and may be experienced the most by small businesses [1]. Weaker security measures are targeted, which is why lower sized operations could find themselves susceptible. […]

Where does commercial auto exposure start and stop?

Kyle Langan, May 24, 2024 Navigating the Commercial Auto Risk Domain Vehicles represent a nexus of risk for a business. Hazards include deliveries, client meetings, or simply the daily operation. The “ownership, maintenance, or use of vehicles creates liability loss exposures.” [1] To mitigate them, a business should optimize its strategies for titling and insuring […]

What trends has the National Council of Nonprofits seen?

Challenges From Rising Yields Higher yields could impact the cash flows of nonprofits that depend on loans or credit lines; because the cost of financing in the U.S. remains the highest since 2008, expense reduction becomes even more vital for nonprofits. [1] Talent Competition, Shortage “74.6% of respondents report job vacancies,” so the frequency of […]

How is Commercial General Liability Premium Exposure Rated?

What are the rating and premium basis options for Commercial General Liability exposure? Which cost basis provides the most favorable outcome for your risk management and insurance contracts? (S) GROSS SALES Exposure Rated per $1,000/Total Revenue (A) AREA Exposure Rated per 1,000/Sq. Ft. of space (M) ADMISSIONS Exposure Rated per 1,000/ADM (P) PAYROLL Exposure Rated […]

Directors and Officers: An Overlooked Exposure?

Edited February 6th, 2024 (Originally created November, 2019, by Kyle Langan) Case: Elon Musk and Tesla vs. SEC In August 2018, “Musk tweeted that he had funding secured for a plan to take Tesla private [traded publicly since 2010]. It turned out that was not entirely true — something the SEC objected to, given that […]

Strategies that may help limit rising property insurance cost

Edited January 30th, 2024 The acquisition of adequate property policies remains expensive and complex. [1] Many insurers have “struggled to maintain profits in recent years, leading to increased premiums and even withdrawals from certain markets, such as Florida and California.” [2] For consumers, “understanding how its factors can affect homeowners is crucial for accurately assessing […]

Higher Exposures and Shrinking Risk Appetite

Edited December 22nd, 2023 by Kyle Langan Exposure Growth and Global Reinsurance Capital: 2022 Results After Hurricane Ian, traditional and alternative capital declined by around 20-25% at 2022’s close, compared to 2021’s close. [1] After adjusting for the interest rate impact of mark-to-market losses on fixed income securities, Swiss Re estimated a “decline in capital […]

Why Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Matters

December 4-8, 2023 is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. It serves as a critical reminder of the importance of road safety for our aging population (NHTSA). With longer life expectancies, older adults are more likely to continue driving into their 70s, 80s and beyond. Recognizing challenges such as slower reaction times and medical conditions is […]

Strategies for Employment Practices Risk Mitigation

Edited November 30th, 2023 by Kyle Langan Accommodation and avoidance of adversarial relationships In the event of a complaint filed against an employer alleging wrongful termination, what are employers’ options to finance this loss? The matter may resolve at mediation, where a settlement is negotiated.  Still, wrongful termination is difficult to resolve in low financial […]