Winter Sports Insurance: Protect Yourself From Mishaps on the Slope

While winter is most often recognized as a time for holiday celebrations, it is also an excellent time for seasonal sports. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hockey, ice fishing or snowmobiling, these sports and trips to mountain resorts are a common tradition in the SoCal area. As these activities continue to rise in popularity, participants should consider winter sports insurance to make sure the day is smooth… skiing.

What is Winter Sports Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Winter sports insurance is a short-term add-on policy that gives you and your fellow visitors extra coverage to specifically address common issues that may arise when participating in winter athletics. Winter sports are often considered to be high-risk sports by insurers, which means injuries sustained while participating in them may not be covered under normal treatment coverage. Adding winter sports insurance compensates for this and can alleviate the cost of treatment should an accident occur. Many plans also offer additional benefits, such as covering the cost of lost or damaged equipment or lift passes, cancelled activities, and any liability you may have if you injure anyone else. You can add these insurance plans for just the amount of time you are participating, making them very affordable.

Whether traveling near or far to partake in the fun of a snow-filled day, consider speaking with one of our friendly agents about adding winter sports insurance. We’re here to make sure that no matter what happens on the slopes, you’ll be covered; that’s the Conrey Difference. To get in touch and see if winter sports insurance is right for you…

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