How the Government Shutdown Affects You

As the government shutdown reaches 28 days, the effects are beginning to mount. Around 800,000 government employees are affected. Many are going to work not knowing when their next paycheck will come. The shutdown has ramifications for us all whether we realize it or not. The FDA is not doing routine food inspection. The National Parks Service has suspended trash collection and road maintenance, even completely closing down some parks. The Department of Housing and Urban Development had to send landlords letters to not evict people who use housing assistance programs. More than double the average TSA employee number has called in sick. Certain government programs do not rely on regular spending bills such as the military, Medicare and Social Security. These programs continue through shutdowns. To learn more about the byproduct of the government shutdown read this article.  

This is the longest shutdown since modern budgeting went into effect in 1976. Since then there have been 21 government shutdowns. The only President to survive his time in office without a shutdown is George W. Bush. Ronald Reagan has seen the most times shutdown at eight. To view the list of other shutdowns in this time frame click here. So what is the root cause of a government shutdown? Basically, Congress fails to pass bills or continuing resolutions to fund government agencies or programs or also, when the President does not sign the bill or continuing resolutions.  

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