Are You Prepared for Water Damage Inside your Home or Commercial Property? Risk Data and Questions

Published on October 19th, 2023 by Kyle Langan

What is the sentiment surrounding non-weather-related water damage from incidents like sudden and accidental leaks?

In a sample study, 61% of consumers never heard of an automatic water shutoff device, “despite how effective they can be at reducing water damage” (Hanover, 2023).

“One of the most common residential claims is from water” (Epps, 2004).  Risk is present because of high frequency. The source of water must be determined during the claim adjustment because not all causes are covered (Epps, 2004).

“A common source of damage is water from a plumbing, heating, air-conditioning system, or household appliance” (Epps, 2004). Perils may include burst water heaters, burst pipes, or broken water lines to a washing machine. “If there is policy coverage, it usually covers the damages caused by the water but does not pay to repair the damaged or broken water line or appliance. If a broken or leaking water line is inside a wall or ceiling or under a slab foundation, there may be coverage to access the water line but again no coverage to repair the water line itself” (Epps, 2004).

  • When is the last time your property’s plumbing system got upgraded?
  • Do you have a water sensor?
  • Are you familiar with an automatic water shutoff device?

Some convincing data points to take action and prepare (sourced from one of our partner carriers):

  • Plumbing leak = 7x more likely than a fire in a home
  • Water damage = 6x more common than burglaries (Hanover, 2023).

Please reach out to our risk manager, Kyle Langan ( to help proactively educate on the risks of non-weather-related water damage and find devices to install in homes or commercial properties to help cover contingencies.


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