National Insurance Awareness Day: Why June 28 Should Be on Your Calendar

Amid life’s many uncertainties, and especially in extraordinary times such as these, it’s good to step back every so often to take an objective look at where you stand. Fortunately, June 28th has been designated “National Insurance Awareness Day.” It’s an annual reminder to review your insurance cover; to assure it is proper and adequate; to make sure all that has evolved since your last comprehensive look is represented in the protection. We recommend that you get in touch with an insurance professional for such a review. If you are looking for an objective review of your current coverage and needs, look no further, we stand ready to assist.

For our team at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, June 28th is yet another opportunity to do what we do every other day throughout the year—help our clientele achieve peace of mind by knowing what matters most to them is properly protected. We look forward to discussing your current situation by applying our “Three Ps” of insurance planning—they are:

• Prevention – Everyone is better off when they can avoid a claim before it happens; we provide risk management advice that can assist in preventing losses. Are you taking common-sense precautions to mitigate risk? Are you in compliance with all suggestions, guidelines and safety practices?

• Policy – Routinely, life evolves, business evolves, and needs change. Isn’t it worthwhile to ensure that your policy is aligned with your current situation?

• Proper Protection – As an independent broker tied to no specific insurance carrier, we evaluate your changing needs and provide objective recommendations—not “cookie-cutter” solutions, and from the entire marketplace, not just one insurer. What’s changed in the marketplace; what does it cost to rebuild or to replace items; are your current policies still cost-competitive? Do they still reflect the assumptions made when originally written? Has your advisor kept current, regularly checking in as this article suggests? That’s part of “The Conrey Difference.”

As a full-service firm, Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers offers experts specializing in virtually every major area of insurance and financial services. This National Insurance Awareness Day, or anytime it’s convenient for you, please consider giving us a call at 877-450-1872, or click here, to set up a meeting and discuss your insurance needs—no matter what day in the calendar year, that day will be YOUR insurance awareness day.