Employment Practices Liability Risk: New Outcome

Curious to learn new data about the possible outcomes within an entity’s employer-employee relationship? What happens when an employee sues for wrongful termination, and what is your entity’s plan to finance the defense against an allegation like this?

Risk domain: Employment Practices Liability

Winner: Citibank

Loser: Employee

Following a hearing in September, Employment Judge Caroline Illing ruled in favor of the employer, saying the employee failed to “make a full and frank disclosure” (Croft, 2023). Regarding an expense report may have been submitted in error, the judge said “I am satisfied that a dismissal in relation to the misrepresentation allegation alone would fall within the band of a reasonable response by a reasonable employer” (Croft, 2023).


Croft, J. (2023, October 16). Citibank analyst dismissed for lying about meals expenses claim under €100 limit. Financial Times. https://www.ft.com/content/a7934111-fd57-4bbd-bd39-6c295236175d