Cover My Castle(Homeowners Insurance)

Cover My Castle

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your castle, and each one is as unique as its owner. You have scrimped and saved and filled your home with items that are especially meaningful to you. At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we know this and our experts are highly proficient at finding the right home insurance solution to ensure that your home and personal belongings will be properly replaced should a loss occur.

As one of California’s premier insurance brokerages, we have the ability to shop multiple insurance carriers to get you the best possible coverage at the most competitive rate. In addition to helping you properly calculate the replacement coverage for your home, we will develop a comprehensive home insurance strategy upon which you can depend. We have many places to turn for insurance, that’s the advantage of working with a broker – we represent your interests above all others.

FAST FACT: Homeowners Insurance

Insure your home for replacement cost, rather than actual value, so that you will be assured of being adequately covered for fluctuations in the market and labor and materials costs at the time of a loss, should a loss occur. Many insurance companies write policies for actual value to offer a competitive rate, but when a loss happens, your home cannot be rebuilt.

Condominium Insurance

Your home is your castle, whether it is a standalone house or a condominium, we want to properly protect it for you. You have most likely filled your home with items that are especially meaningful to you. We will learn what you value, and make sure that everything is properly protected – because we want you to recover fully from a loss.

Although the condominium association typically purchases insurance to cover any damage to the building’s exterior, there’s still need to insure the contents, your liability, and any upgrades that have been made to your unit. Many condo owners are unaware that they need protection for the interior of the unit, including walls, floors, ceilings as well as the contents. We can solve these issues and make sure that you have the right coverage in place – crafted perfectly fit to your particular needs.

FAST FACT: Condominium Insurance

The best way to make sure you are properly protected is to tailor your coverage to fit the CC&Rs of your association. If your current agent didn’t review this document, there is a good chance that your insurance coverage has left you vulnerable.

Renters Insurance

Renters also need to protect what matters most to them. Whether you are renting a home, apartment, condo, studio, loft or tree house, we can determine the necessary coverage to replace your possessions and potentially protect you in the event that you are responsible for another’s injury or damage to another’s property.

FAST FACT: Renters Insurance

Covers personal property in your car and office and in your locker at the gym. It also protects against 3rd party liability. For example, a guest at your apartment burns themselves helping to prepare dinner, or slips and falls around the apartment complex pool – your renters’ insurance covers this liability.

Also we have found that most people underestimate the value of their clothing and the contents of their kitchen and garage, so it’s important to consider what it would take to replace everything you own.

Flood Insurance

What most people don’t know is that most home, condo, office and rental policies do not cover this type of loss as part of the basic coverage. Anywhere it rains it can flood, and the damage can be devastating.

We realize that your home is not full of contents, it is full of your memories. Let us guide you to the best solution for flood insurance so that you are protected when a sprinkle becomes a deluge.

FAST FACT: Flood Insurance

Most people don’t understand that if you have water in your home as a result of a plumbing issue or a toilet that has over-flowed, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage caused by that water. However, only flood insurance will protect you in the event of damage as a result of water coming from the outside to the inside of your home.

Earthquake Insurance

California is known for its beaches, mountains, gorgeous weather, movie stars and earthquakes!

Whether you live in a manse or rent a flat, an earthquake can destroy everything you have worked so hard to acquire. It can bring you right down to your foundation… literally. Quality of construction has improved, so cost of earthquake insurance has also become more affordable. Let us show you how to protect your most important asset from an earthquake. While others are in line asking for government assistance, you will be busy rebuilding.

FAST FACT: Earthquake Insurance

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 84% of the nation’s earthquake claims are paid out in California, Washington and Oregon… averaging $4.4 Billion/year. If you live in these states, you should seriously consider having this coverage.

Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers received the Gold Level Award from Mercury Insurance Group. Fewer than 5% of Mercury agencies have qualified for the Gold Award. Give us a call and experience the difference first hand.

Why do I Need Flood Insurance?

Did you know that flood damage typically isn’t covered by your homeowners policy? As with most insurance policies not every protection is added on in the basic policy and you might not have the coverage if a flood were to occur. This document helps you learn more about how flood insurance can help protect your home from a disaster.

At Conrey Insurance we want to ensure that you are covered in any instance, including if you have a flood loss. To speak with a member of the Conrey Team, call (877) 450-1872 or contact us and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself.

Common Home Owners Insurance Claims

Part of the American dream is home ownership, but there are plenty of risks that come with that responsibility. Here are six of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims and what you can do to mitigate your risk.

At Conrey Insurance we want to ensure that you know the risks of owning your own home. To speak with a member of the Conrey Team, call (877) 450-1872 or contact us and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself.

Summer Safety Tips

This colorful infographic outlines important safety tips to keep in mind to stay safe during the summer. Whether you are having a relaxing day at home, a fun time at the beach, or any other great summer activity these tips will help you have safe summer fun.

At Conrey Insurance we want to insure that you have a fun but safe Summer. To speak with a member of the Conrey Team, call (877) 450-1872 or contact us and experience The Conrey Difference for yourself.