★★★★★ “Great Service. Thank you.” ~ Marsha A. (Customer since 2016)
★★ “Have communication with clients. I expected David to call to discuss my renewal but he never did. Only communication was when I got a letter of cancellation for non payment of renewal premium ( I have automatic payments every month) and I had to call to find out what was going on.(My daughter had the same problem with her policy). I never got a satisfactory answer to what happened – just something about a change in computer systems. Once a policy is written it seems to be the end of any personal interaction which is something I am not use to.” ~Beata and Lloyd G. (Customer since 2018)
★★★★★ “Very good company,very good services.Thank you.” ~ Pete’s Reliable Pool Care Inc. (Customer since 2017)
★★★★★ “Always dealt with big insurance firms and never had one go to person. Like the personal dialogue.” ~ Marylyn H. (Customer since 2017)