The Conrey Insurance Brokers Team Came together to Help a Charity in Need

On August 14th, Conrey Insurance Brokers client and favorite charity, South County Outreach, had a water leak at their facility. This leak spoiled much of the perishable food supplies in the food pantry. The charity had just wrapped up an amazing Back to School event the day before – passing out backpacks full of supplies, shoes and offering haircuts. Then the following evening, a water pipe burst. Sadly, it was not discovered until volunteers arrived the next morning. Luckily, over 4,000 pounds of food was transported to other Orange County Food Pantries to avoid more lost rations.

Unfortunately the computer lab, which is used by the underemployed and unemployed, suffered much damage as well. Many people in the community rely on these tools provided by South County Outreach to improve their computer skills, send job applications or print resumes. You can learn more about the community coming together in this time of need, or help replenish supplies by visiting the South County Outreach website here.

Upon hearing about this unfortunate situation, the team at Conrey Insurance Brokers rallied together to help the charity restock much-needed food items through a food drive at their Tustin office. A large bin was placed in the office to fill with non-perishable foods. Once filled, the bin weighed over 100 pounds and was overflowing when volunteers came to make the pickup!

At Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, we understand the importance of coming together in times of need. We strive to help make the community a better place. That’s the Conrey Difference. Again, to help support South County Outreach, please visit their website here.