Risk Management Chronicles | The Risks of Renting your Property on Airbnb

Do you rent rooms, or your home, through online property sharing apps like Airbnb?

If so, you need to be aware of the potential risk management issues you could face when renting your property through these services.

Seen as a less expensive alternative to staying at a hotel, travelers are starting to use these home rental services while on vacation. This is creating a financial attractive opportunity for many property owners to make extra money from renting rooms or rental properties through Airbnb and other property sharing services.

In fact, the lucrative nature of utilizing these services has created such a shortage of standard rental property in San Francisco that the city is starting to regulate and limit its usage. A property owner can make more money renting short-term through these services than on a long-term lease to an individual or family.

While you may think you are covered under your standard homeowners or property owner’s policy, you are creating gaps in coverage and a risk management nightmare. These policies are designed for very specific risk management issues a homeowner or landlord may face in a standard situation.

Risk Management

Frequent renting of a room or home by different individuals requires a vacation rental risk management strategy to ensure you are properly protected against potential liability. While Airbnb does provide two ways for property owners to protect themselves, it is important to note that only one is an insurance policy, and that has a much more limited scope of protection than a vacation rental policy.

Anytime you have a major change in your living situation, or the manner in which you are utilizing a rental property, you need to contact your agent or broker so the proper risk management steps can be taken to ensure you and your property are properly protected.

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