Courtney Rader Recognized as 2019 Player of the Year

As her website profile reveals, Personal Lines Account Manager Courtney Rader credits her lifelong passion for dance, launched by her early aspirations of Broadway stardom, with keeping her on her toes. Now Courtney’s talent for helping her clients make all the right moves with their insurance decisions has put her in the spotlight as the Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers 2019 Player of the Year.

In awarding the honor, Agency Principal Jerry Conrey noted, “Courtney is a most-valued member of the Conrey Insurance Brokers’ team. She brings maturity, excellent communications skills, a deep level of care and concern to every interaction – I would love to clone her, as she epitomizes the #ConreyDifference.”

Since joining the firm in 2017, Courtney has continued to perfect her ability to stay on her toes on behalf of clients. And they, too, applaud the performance. Coincidentally on the same day she was named Player of the Year, Courtney also received a much-appreciated thank-you email from a valued client. It read in part, “I’m blown away as to how quickly and professionally you responded to my inquiry.” A follow-up note from the same client to Jerry Conrey added, “There are three types of people in our world: Those who MAKE things happen. Those who WATCH what happens. Those who WONDER what happened. She is definitely MAKING it happen!!! Courtney is definitely leaving footprints in the sands of life.”

With reviews like that, Courtney’s career should include many more starring roles in the insurance decisions of others in the years ahead