Health Insurance and Sports: How to Make it a Home-Run!

Sports injuries are relatively common, and while they are generally covered by your regular health insurance plan, it may be worth checking to see if your coverage is sufficient. Whether trying out for the varsity team or just starting Little League, it can be easy to forget about insurance in the hustle and bustle of a busy season.

Many schools or club teams provide optional insurance that can be paid for alongside any fees, however, the overage they provide varies by team, district, and level. Be sure to find out what types of injuries are covered (and to what extent). Often times, policies do not cover cosmetic extras including dental or plastic surgery. If a tooth is chipped or knocked out or a broken nose needs to be repaired, general insurance may not cover it. It is worth comparing the price and coverage of a team plan to a private plan, which can be made to suit your child’s specific needs or piggyback off of general coverage in order to fill in the gaps and ensure you’re covered in every situation.

There are also a few special cases that can affect your general insurance. For some high-risk sports such as BMX, Football or MMA we may recommend different coverage than for non-contact sports- or that you add a little extra coverage to your general policy. Your coverage may also be affected by whether or not the team travels- if the games are local your child will likely be covered, but if your child plays out of state (or internationally) they may need slightly different coverage.

No matter what happens on the field, we’re here to cheer on your family- that’s the Conrey Difference. We’ll be happy to help evaluate your coverage, whether your child is trying something new or continuing in their athletic pursuits. It’s as simple as contacting a member of our winning team- within minutes you’ll be ready to get back to the action.

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