Happy Anniversary to Our Staff

“I’d like to acknowledge these four women, whose contributions to our success is difficult to measure.”

-Jerry Conrey, Agency Principal


Here at Conrey Insurance Brokers, we are so fortunate to have some phenomenally talented and dedicated individuals on staff. The women in this photo are four of them. They take our mission statement to provide our clients with expert strategies seriously and exemplify our core values such as professionalism, commitment, integrity, and responsibility.


From left to right, Christine Campbell is celebrating 25 years of service – specializing in non-profit clientele. Courtney Rader has only been with us for one year, yet her outgoing personality and dedication to staying physically fit is inspiring to all of our clients. Linda Worthington is celebrating two years of being that lovely voice that greets you when you call on the phone. She is our ambassador. Linda Farrow has been with Conrey Insurance Brokers for five years. She is the one behind the scenes who is like a duck – calm and serene on the surface and paddling like crazy under the water… which is appropriate because she loves to swim!


Next time you see or speak to one of these incredible women… remember that you are talking to someone special! Congratulations, Ladies!