Financial Planners and Insurance Specialists: An Alliance of Expertise

By Mike Lambrakis, CFP®
Conrey Financial Services

You know good finances take smart planning. But how about your insurance? Among financially aware people, property and casualty insurance is so ubiquitous that virtually everyone has policies. Yet I have become convinced that despite the billions of premiums paid per year, most policyholders don’t give their coverage a thought after they pay their bill, and rarely ever ask whether their coverage is adequate to ensure proper protection. This is true even when they’re attentive to the investment aspects of their finances.

Financial advisors—who typically are not insurance specialists—also rarely emphasize the property and casualty aspect of risk management, despite a desire for these insights from the vast majority of financially successful clients. But is it possible for a financial advisor also to be an expert in property and casualty insurance? In my opinion, there are too many moving parts, special situations, nuances, and a vast marketplace of different carriers to master.

This is why my partners at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers and I decided to combine the benefits of financial planning with the broad, multi-carrier access and objective expertise only an independent insurance brokerage can offer.

How does an alliance between a financial planner and a team of personal and business insurance specialists add value for you? Our holistic, consultative approach recognizes that when situations change, behaviors change, and financial positions change, it can present new opportunities to maximize the value of your insurance dollars. Validating the adequacy of your coverage helps protect your assets. And even when your situation hasn’t changed, it’s important to check that you’re still receiving the proper coverage with the best value.

Could your insurance and financial plans both hold opportunities for improvement? Feel free to give us a call at 877-450-1872 or contact us – we look forward to showing you The Conrey Difference!