Precisely Tailored Solutions Require Specialized Expertise

Financial services specialists recognize that no one person can be an expert in all the areas of importance to individuals and businesses. Access to a team that brings together a diverse range of specialized expertise under one roof makes it easier to find optimal solutions for your specific goals. That’s why our Conrey Financial Services Department keeps growing. We continue to welcome new, experienced individuals to the department’s functional areas. Here’s an introduction to our current team members.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management – Mike Lambrakis, CFP® and Michael Hu, CFP®
A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Mike has served as a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod, as a Portfolio Strategist and Wealth Advisor at Beacon Pointe Advisors, and as a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Michael has held positions as an Advisor at AdvicePeriod, as well as at a private wealth management firm where he was responsible for developing, implementing and ongoing monitoring of complex financial plans.

Life Insurance, Annuities, Long-Term Care and Disability – Michael Robinson
Michael is a 24-year veteran of the insurance and financial services industry. Co-Founder and Managing Partner of BluePrint Insurance Services, he has extensive experience partnering with Registered Investment Advisors and comprehensive financial advisors across the country.

Individual Health and Medicare Services – David Mak
David been accumulating firsthand knowledge of the changing health insurance industry since he began helping clients with individual medical and Medicare insurance solutions in 2003. A self-described “numbers guy,” he spent his early years in financial reporting for corporations such as Douglas, Boeing, and Scantron.

Creation and Administration of Business Retirement Plans – Michael Gorelick, APR
Michael is an Accredited Pension Representative, and a frequent presenter at retirement plan workshops and webinars. His decades of experience include the role of President at Benefit Equity, Inc., a retirement plan administration and benefits consulting firm serving small-to-midsize businesses.

Group Health Benefits – Kelly Moore, CEBS and Cathy Solomon
Kelly is a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist with over 20 years of experience managing plans for diverse organizations, including serving as Principal and Senior Client Executive at benefits firm OneDigital. She previously managed plans for small- to Fortune 500-sized firms at Marsh, one of the world’s largest employee benefits firms.

Cathy has served as a group health insurance broker and employee benefits strategist for companies in a wide variety of industries, acting in her role as a Client Executive at OneDigital. She specializes in analyzing, evaluating and managing a variety of plans for small- and mid-market companies ranging from 20 to 250 employees.

To discuss our services in further detail, or to revisit your investments in the context of a customized financial plan, the Financial Services experts at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers are here to help. Just call 877-450-1872 or contact us to request a meeting. For more information about our Financial Services, check out our page here.