Michael Robinson Advocates the Importance of Insurance and Annuity Checkups

During more than 24 years in the insurance and financial services industry, Michael Robinson has helped many clients better prepare to meet their long-term financial goals. Key to his efforts are regular, objective assessments of life insurance and annuity products they’ve incorporated in their plans—or may benefit from adding.

Now a member of the Conrey Financial Services team, Michael has an extensive background that includes partnering with Registered Investment Advisors and comprehensive financial advisors. He has considerable experience with the use of insurance in retirement portfolios to lower the risks associated with investing. And he firmly believes in the benefits of meeting with clients on a periodic basis to ensure their objectives are being met.

Michael says, “Policies should be reviewed every year to verify they still fit your needs. This also provides an opportunity to make sure you’re not paying too much, or that the policy isn’t in danger of lapsing from being underfunded.” He adds that “In the case of annuities, recent declines in the yields on CDs and bonds now mean that some annuity products may be offering returns up to three times higher than the sub-1% yield to which 10-year Treasuries have fallen. This could make a case for including them in your financial plans.”

Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers offers you a complimentary review of your current situation. Working with a statement from your current policy, and an understanding of your goals, Michael and the Conrey team will provide you with a concise policy-review summary. You’ll quickly know where you stand, and whether any adjustments may be beneficial.

To arrange your free review, and ensure your insurance and annuity products reflect the best The Conrey Difference can offer, call 877-450-1872 or contact us online.