Why Leaves Change Color in Fall and Where You Can Go in Southern California To View Them

Many people are under the mistaken impression that they need to travel in order to find the beautiful colors of fall. Here in Southern California, we tend to associate fall with pumpkins, chilly weather, and shorter days but not with “leaf peeping”. The reality is that there are plenty of places to visit locally where you can experience the changing colors of fall. Read on to learn what causes these vibrant colors, and find out where you can go to view this colorful phenomenon in Southern California.

Red, Yellow, and Orange: How Do Leaves Get Their Colors?

Shortened days and colder weather signals to trees that winter is approaching. With less sunlight to photosynthesize, the chlorophyll, which normally give the leaves their green shade and which turn light to food, begin to degrade. As the chlorophyll degrades, the leaves lose their green color. At this time, trees produce anthocyanin, a reddish pigment whose purpose is to act as a sunscreen, protecting leaves as they transfer nutrients from the leaves to the base of the tree. This process prepares the trees to survive the harsh winters. Some scientists speculate that strong red colors signal a tree’s strength, which may deter insects who seek to use the trees’ nutrients to help their offspring survive the winter. If you want to learn more about plants and the science behind them, visit Farmer’s Almanac to learn more!

Fall Colors: How to Find Them in Southern California

In SoCal, locations, where fall colors are on full display, are often scarce. Our warm weather and drought-resistant plants make it difficult to find trees that display beautiful, natural fall colors. Luckily, there are some places where these colors thrive, and they often offer other fall surprises as well! Camping fanatics might enjoy a weekend up at Big Bear, where the fall colors come into full bloom along hiking trails. If you also enjoy fall flavors, particularly apples, then you may consider a trip to Oak Glen. There, you can sample freshly picked apples and hot cider donuts while viewing the beautiful colors. The Grass Lake Valley Reservoir, known for its scenery, may be a particularly scenic spot to view these colors- so bring a camera!

Here at Conrey Insurance Brokers, we want to encourage you to pursue the wonders that make fall so great. No matter where your journeys take you, be sure to appreciate the natural beauty that the season brings.

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