How to Protect your Business from Cyber Threats: A Short Guide

Data breaches, hacking, and other cybersecurity threats seem to be becoming more and more prevalent as technology becomes more ingrained in businesses large and small. As a business owner or someone with primary responsibility for business operations, it can be a difficult threat to manage, especially as most cyber attackers are anonymous. Business executives may believe that the security breaches won’t affect them, however, more frequently, small to medium-sized businesses have become targets as a result of their relatively low levels of security and inability to fight back against their attackers. According to Forbes, “If a business suffers two or more attacks, it will most likely be unable to recover. Moreover, the business is also at risk of facing a class action lawsuit from the individuals who suffered from a loss of data because of the cyber attack.” For a business of any size, an attack can be devastating.

Realizing this threat, we’re proud to offer cyber liability insurance that provides legal and financial support to businesses in case of a breach. In some cases, your professional liability insurance may already include cyber liability insurance or can be modified to include it.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers, we strive to keep you informed on the best ways to protect what you love, which is why we’ve created an informative guide to help you determine whether or not cyber liability insurance is right for you. We encourage you to educate yourself with our guide, which can be downloaded here. Then, set up an appointment so that we can evaluate your coverage; we’ll be happy to help find a plan to protect your business.

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