Malisha Patel

Sr. Commercial Account Manager

From a very early age, I aspired to pursue a career in law. After completing my education in England, I ventured into a summer job at a local insurance brokerage. The experience captivated me, leading me to discover my true-calling in the insurance sector. This prompted me to transition to a full-time role and I never looked back.

I began my career in insurance by protecting people’s most-cherished possessions. My favorite was in helping to insure their collector cars. I always marveled at the stunning classic cars I had the privilege to encounter. As I progressed, I yearned to explore the brokering aspect of the industry, prompting me to embark on the path to achieve my CERT CII qualification.

Fast forward two decades, and I find myself in California, eager to further my insurance career. Conrey Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers has generously provided me with a remarkable opportunity to do just that in the United States. I relish being part of a company like Conrey Insurance Brokers, as they strike a perfect balance and I find it truly gratifying. It’s a place where personal growth and prosperity are encouraged without losing individuality, yet it possesses the prowess to compete, effectively manage risks, and engage in negotiations.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in crafting fruit animals, perfecting the art of Henna, experimenting with hairstyles, and embarking on explorations of cities and their rich histories. One day, I hope to indulge in a round-the-world trip, a well-deserved treat for myself.

First Licensed 2023
Joined Conrey Team 2023