José Ibarra

Commercial Account Manager

Growing up as a child in the city of Anaheim, I always wanted to be a professional athlete. My competitiveness drove success for me when it came to sports. As I grew older, my dreams changed; I realized the likely success rate of accomplishing this particular goal was minimal. Sport was my vehicle to find an avenue to a better way of life, by learning to turn my weaknesses into strengths. As I grew up, my interests pivoted towards local community work. I witnessed childhood friends struggle to find a better way out of the socioeconomic environment that we found ourselves surrounded in, so we got
involved with church and community work to keep us from getting into trouble.

Today, I enjoy giving back; my ways involve helping underprivileged youth by coaching basketball at the community and high school levels, and building young strong positive members of society by helping inteaching life and building lessons not taught in the classroom.

As a licensed broker for over two decades, my work in the insurance industry has provided me a similar platform to perform, as it too is competitive like sports. I enjoy building trust through fruitful and successful relationships with my clients, and I gain great satisfaction knowing that when I do my work effectively, my client gains peace of mind – that is my every endeavor here.

I enjoy working with my fellow professionals here at Conrey Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers, because the culture is second to none. I have found it to be always challenging to level up in knowledge, and prepared to learn better ways to approach risk and insurance by providing the very best of me to clients as a professional.

After a long day’s work, I enjoy my time with family as the best reward for my hard work. I love to hang my hat at home, to play board games with my wife and three children, to take in a movie, or to shoot hoops on the driveway, and then there’s going “earthing” with my two dogs to recharge my batteries and theirs.

First licensed in 2001
Conrey Ins. since 2023