Jerry Conrey

Agency Principal

I am a man of many dreams, and as the song says… my dreams lost some grandeur coming true. The first was to drive the trash truck; I can live with the fact that I never achieved that goal. After elementary school, practicing law seemed to be the life for me – and there are those who still think I could be quite proficient at this, but when I hit junior high, my head was turned by rock and roll. I thought for sure that I would become a star, and although my passion was epic, my talent was not.

I finished my BA and my MBA in Finance. Insurance and Financial Planning have been good fields for me in that they are detailed and require a lot of brain power. I enjoy the challenge and like to craft protection that provides proper coverage and anticipates the needs of my clients. My clients really do become my friends. I am passionate about seeing Conrey Insurance Brokers differentiate itself as a superior agency – as was substantiated when Rough Notes Magazine selected us as Agency of the Month in June of 2016. I love on-boarding new employees and watching them develop into seasoned professionals as they absorb our culture and perpetuate our purpose.

For fun, I love riding my Indian Chieftain Elite motorcycle, and perform in “The Big Boy Band” in which I sing lead vocals… Everyone needs a little down time, right?

First licensed 1988
Conrey Ins. since 2002