South County Outreach

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South County Outreach

Imagine being a parent placing an empty bowl in front of your hungry child and not having anything to fill the bowl or the tummy of your loved one.

On Tuesday, April 17th, from 6:00-9:00 P.M. at El Niguel Country Club, Conrey Insurance Brokers encourages you to support EMPTY BOWLS and South County Outreach in its efforts to end hunger in Orange County. 14 local chefs will be serving delicious soups to all attendees in ceramic bowls which are hand-crafted by local artists and students. These bowls go home with donors to serve as reminders of those whose bowls are truly empty.

This international event helps provide food, housing and other much-needed resources for unemployed, under-employed seniors, veterans, disabled and children in South Orange County. A mere 90¢ results in provisions that are especially needed in the summer when school programs which typically provide free breakfast and lunch are not available.

Join Jerry Conrey and his staff in supporting this worthwhile effort to end hunger and homelessness right here in our own community. You can get involved for as little as $110 for an individual ticket, or sponsor a VIP table for $10,000.