College 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Insurance for Students

Preparing for college can be hectic. With so much to do before the first day of school, changes in insurance may be at the back of your mind. Moving out for the first time can present unique considerations, especially depending on your student’s image of a perfect college lifestyle. Here are a few major considerations you shouldn’t overlook.

Health Insurance

While in many cases, a student will be covered under the parent’s policy until they are 26, there is a chance that the number of providers may be limited if a student chooses an out of state school. It’s worth checking to make sure that your student will have sufficient coverage under their current policy.

Renters Insurance

Some college students will choose alternative housing options instead of a dorm. If a student will be living off-campus, it is important to understand what would happen in case of break-in or damages. In some cases, off-campus living arrangements may be connected to the school and offer some coverage, but in others, renters insurance can help cover damages that occur to the apartment itself and the property it holds (much like homeowner’s insurance would).

Auto Insurance

Whether your student decides to take their car with them to college or not, there are a few actions you’ll want to take to ensure proper coverage. If they will not be taking their car with them, you will want to meet with an advisor to discuss the possibility of an “away at school” discount. Since the car will be used less or by a more experienced driver, liability goes down. If a student will be taking their car, the policy may need to be repriced based on the school’s location. This can also reduce your cost while ensuring your student will receive suitable coverage in their new area.

Life Insurance

College is expensive, so if you’re helping to pay your student’s tuition it helps to have the assurance that even if something happened to you, you would still be able to help cover the cost of college. If you haven’t already looked into life insurance policies, the ability to help pay tuition is a strong incentive.

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