Caleb Sorola

Commercial Account Manager

As a child, I dreamed of becoming The President of the United States when I grew up.  I figured being the president would give me the most impactful opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. While I did not end up entering politics, I am thankful for the roles that I have played in making this world a better place; such as being there for my clients and offering world-class service combined with a deep care for making sure they are properly insured.  I have found this to have a tremendous impact at the time of a claim, and that keeps me motivated.

My work experience has been in hospitality, travel, and insurance.  All my jobs focused on creating a great customer experience.  Insurance found me; I was working in payroll as a specialist in 2018 when an opportunity to work for a family-owned agency led to my work in business insurance as my specialty.  I enjoy watching my small business clients grow into robust, profitable businesses; taking pride in knowing I was a part of their success stories.

I was born and bred in California.  I hail from the Inland Empire, where I both went to high school and university – I eventually obtained my bachelor’s degree in history from California Baptist University.  In my free time, I enjoy travel, boxing, and watching movies; I also enjoy watching baseball, football, MMA, and Formula One.

While I’ll likely never become the President of the United States, I have been blessed with a career in commercial insurance that provides me plenty of opportunities to shape this world, one satisfied client at a time.

First licensed in 2018

At Conrey Insurance Brokers since 2022