Armando Lozano

Personal Lines Account Manager

I was always a curious kid, I had dreams of becoming an astronaut, as I was fascinated by the sky, the stars, and the unknown. As I aged, I realized the path I envisioned for myself is not always the path taken – reality versus fantasy maybe. Life does tend to happen; if we’re lucky we adapt, learn and grow. As an adult, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to travel; although not into the space, my curiosity has been on the ground level but it still exposed me to new things and satisfied my thirst for adventure.

Youthful curiosity rarely can pay the bills. As my adventures brought me back home to southern CA, with little money left, I needed to find work. My cousin worked at an insurance agency, and she recruited me into the industry – a dozen years later, I find myself here and excited about the future.

At Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, I found a brokerage that uses knowledge and care to impact their clientele significantly. I am encouraged to advise; to make strong recommendations and to confront under-insurance using my competency, knowledge, and care as the catalyst for engagement with the policyholders I work with. It’s refreshing, and a real game changer for me, as I know my understanding of risk and insurance will continue to develop and grow here.

Outside of the office, you can find me with my Malti-poo – Valentino; he and I enjoy going out for coffee, or a dog-friendly bar, to meet up with friends. I love food, and I’m always up to try new cuisines. Valentino and I can also be found cuddled up, listening to great music, and just appreciating all the simple things in life.

Although the fantasy of space flight is never likely to come to fruition, I still find myself yearning to explore and travel. This actually helps me in my career, because I get that those things I am asked to insure and protect didn’t just grow on trees – but is the product of a lot of hard work, and that is my motivation to make sure folks have all the right coverage. That way, if the unthinkable arises they can be fully restored – that isn’t a fantasy, that is the reality of good collaboration with my clients. Something I do every day here.

First Licensed 2013
Joined Conrey Team 2023