Pamela Emerzian

Commercial Account Executive

In my youth, I wanted to become a newscaster or journalist; it seemed at the time to be a perfect fit for my desire to write and my endless curiosity. Life, of course, took me in a different direction though; like many, I stumbled into insurance by accident but stuck around because I’d found a great fit for me. I love the world of insurance, as it is ever-changing, always challenging, and very satisfying when you find the appropriate solution for a client. Further, my career choice provides me the opportunity to do plenty of research, writing, fact-finding and problem-solving – many of the components of any good journalist I think. Here I am, many years later, and I find myself as an account executive at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, working with the principal on many of the largest clients of the agency, and at a place where my “insurance nerd” status is encouraged and promoted.

When I am not working in insurance, I enjoy delving into true crime – again, those sleuth traits of journalism at work to this day. I also enjoy swimming, treasure hunting, attending concerts and spending time with my family and our dogs. I feel so grateful that the insurance industry found me all those years ago, today I work from my home in the Central Valley, with my dog Clyde in my lap, and diving deeply in the needs of my assigned clientele. It is an amazing career that exposes me to all kinds of industries, locations, and people – yet it has been flexible enough to allow me to continue learning and growing while staying close to the people and things that I love.

First licensed in 1999

At Conrey Insurance Brokers since 2022