Michael Mazza

Financial Services Representative

When I was a little kid, after grocery shopping with my mother, a nice man came up to us in the parking lot. With a smile, he took our empty shopping cart from us so my mom wouldn’t have to bring it all the way back. I saw how happy it made her which sparked my first professional dream job. “Mom, when I grow up I want to push shopping carts!” Well, thankfully, I achieved that dream job for two weeks at age 16, then I took the next step up the corporate career ladder making mothers and fathers happy for the rest of the summer as a camp counselor for their little munchkins.

I finished my undergraduate studies at LMU, and my MBA from Pepperdine while working full time. I was fortunate to spend a semester in Rome where my biggest stress every Friday was what train to hop on for the coming weekend’s journey. I learned how God makes us all different in those 6 months traveling around Europe. I will always value that time and what I learned outside of a textbook.

Just as I took pride in making a difference for kids back in my camp counselor days, I now enjoy the tremendous responsibility in making a difference for the families I guide regarding personal finances, managing risks, and enjoying retirement while leaving the legacies they want to.

For fun, I love the outdoors and all its adventures. Whether trail running, hiking, swimming, or biking around Orange County with our incredible landscapes, I try to keep myself young and encourage others to do the same by exercising and enjoying God’s creations. I guess I have a problem with the definition of “Relaxation” as I have finished two IronMan triathlons, 15 marathons, four 50k trail runs, and a 50-miler. That is what I call fun!

First licensed 2002
Conrey Insurance since 2018


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