Veronica Rocha

Administrative Assistant

I probably have the most unusual answer as to what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to become a nun! I highly respected those women and their dedication to their beliefs and to the service of other people. I have stayed true to the other people aspect, as I began my working career as a receptionist at a large insurance company, then a law firm, and a broker/dealer, prior to landing at Conrey Insurance Brokers.

I love the outdoors and going star-gazing at night… and speaking of stars… a funny story I can share, is that I once won a radio contest which allowed me to make my singing debut with Rod Stewart, on stage at the Hollywood Bowl! The funny part is, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but no one else knew that. I had a blast.

I currently work in the Financial Services area. If you think about it, my job is obviously not the same as being a nun, but I do interact with a lot of people, and it is that part of working at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers that I find the most fulfilling – serving others and engaging with nice people.

Conrey Ins. since 2012


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