Katlyn Depew


When I was younger, I wanted to become a teacher. However, over the years my dream evolved and I realized that my ultimate goal was to help people of all ages. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I took sign language for two years in order to better communicate with the hearing impaired. Later I became the general manager at a trampoline park, where I got to watch people smile and laugh every day. When it comes to smiling and laughing, nothing is more fun for me than visiting Disneyland or the river. When I visit there, I can relax and feel like I’m truly a kid again. Even though from the outside I may seem as though I couldn’t hurt a fly, you might be surprised to know that I love to kickbox to work up a sweat!

Still, though smiles and laughter help others feel great, I wanted to start making an even bigger difference. That’s why I’m proud to be serving as the Receptionist of Conrey Insurance Brokers. From appointments to quick questions or direction, I’m be ready to help put a smile on your face. I am excited to be able to play a part in helping others protect the things that matter most to them, and if that doesn’t work, my kickboxing skills may just come in handy!


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