Bryan Kilduff

Senior Account Executive

I guess I‘ve always been open to life’s diverse opportunities. Growing up, I imagined becoming a Marine like my father. Then I considered becoming a psychologist while I completed my psychology major at Cal State Fullerton.

When my father retired from the Marine Corps after 23 years, he launched the second half of his own working career by becoming a Farmers Insurance agent. The business caught my interest, and I started as a Farmers agent right out of college. Eventually my brother and I took over my dad’s agency when he retired.

After providing personal, commercial, health and life coverage with Farmers for 17 years, I had the privilege of serving on great teams at other insurance agencies. My responsibilities ranged from day-to-day operations, strategic planning and employee training programs, to managing human resources. The opportunity to work with another great team at Conrey was a strong incentive to join the firm.

If choosing between the Marines, psychology and insurance as a career sounds kind of eclectic, consider my tastes in music. I was always into the early 80s scene. But also rock, alternative, R&B, reggae and heavy metal—as well as artists my Mom loved, like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.


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