Karen Abbott

Personal Lines Account Manager

Like most little girls, I loved to be around animals; I wanted to both protect and love them. As I evolved into a young adult, I wanted to take care of people instead – nurturing just seemed to be part of my DNA. As a result of my leanings toward the care of people, it sparked an interest in the study of psychology. After high school graduation, I entered the local community college – as this made more economic sense for my parents at the time. I soon found psycho-biology, as a subset of psychology, and it became my passion and I pivoted towards that as my major. After attaining my associate of arts degree, I decided to enter the workforce because the daunting math requirements of the major dissuaded me from continuing on to my bachelor’s degree.

As I searched for a career that would challenge and enable me, where I could use my nurturing nature and skills to their fullest, I found the insurance industry – and I have been here ever since 1986! One fun thing about insurance is that it is ever-changing. I still learn something new every single day in this business. Along with change comes the varying and differing needs of each and every client; and here is where I find that my nurturing skills are employed well as I help folks insure their assets properly.

Now I find myself at Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers, and it feels like home. I enjoy working with my co-workers who share my passion, the agency’s processes and market access are true game changers for me. I consider myself lucky to find my work exciting after all these years. Not unlike my younger years, I still want to protect and love; instead of puppies and kittens, it’s my clients that my attention is focused on now.

First licensed in 1990

At Conrey Insurance Brokers since 2022