Jerome Timmons


Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up wanting to be of all things a neurosurgeon. I have always been fascinated with the brain. I was drawn to the science because of my deep interest in helping people with an integral component of their body, so essential to life itself. I also had a desire to join the military and serve my country, and just a month before I was to begin my studies, I dropped my classes and joined the US Army.

I served just over eight years in the Army, as both a civil affairs specialist and as a combat medic. While enlisted, I did two tours of duty in Afghanistan. After my honorable discharge, I took advantage of the GI Bill and finally went to university, being awarded a Bachelor’s in Business degree from the University of Phoenix.

My personal passions include keeping fit, eating right, and spending quality time with my toddler-aged son and fiancé. We enjoy travel together, something I learned to love during my tenure with the Army. I hope to, in the near future, travel to Africa and Japan, with other exotic places like Bora Bora and Dubai on my shortlist.

Although Neuroscience did not end up being my field of study, the career in insurance has afforded me many of the aspects of neuroscience that attracted me initially. As an advisor, I have the opportunity to not only repair an aspect of someone’s life that is essential, but I can also assist in preventing my clients from catastrophic losses through education. By properly transacting insurance, and proverbially “leaving no stone unturned” when it comes to market knowledge and protection, I help make lives more fulfilling – that is very satisfying to me.

Over these many years I have learned that most people have little understanding of their insurance coverage, and this typically leads to getting that education at the wrong time – after the claim has arisen, when it’s too late to adjust the protection. What attracted me to our firm, is that our nomenclature is to go above and beyond, to help educate clients to make an informed decision with respects to insurance and managing risk, ensuring everyone sleeps well at night knowing they’re properly protected from the unexpected. That helps me to sleep at night, knowing I am contributing to that kind of peace of mind – something any neuroscientist would certainly appreciate.

First licensed 2015
Conrey Ins. since 2022